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Features that your HRMS Absolutely Needs to Have


All the businesses are different and they have different needs. Most companies use only the most basic features of the HRMS for their functions. No two companies can have the same needs; the same way, no software can be exactly the same as the other.  So, before choosing an HRMS, always make sure that there are a few features that are there mandatorily. The features that you would have to look for in a software need to be considered from the organization and its requirements’ point of view.

The basic features that almost every HRMS offers include payroll benefits, training and recruitment management, and benefits administration. While these features are basically built in every single software, there are other actually useful features that are really helpful. There are some characteristics that are absolutely necessary for a Human Resource Management Software. They are efficiency, accuracy, and security. There are certain features that all the HRMS (Human Resource Management System) must have to make it easy for the HRs.

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Top Features that the HRMS should have:

Project Management:

Statistics show that only 8% of all HRMS software have this feature.  It gives the users a template or a roadmap that they can follow, which will help in completing the project. It is also useful to avoid potholes and bumps.  The users can also be assured that they are working in a smarter manner, rather than longer and harder.  The benefits of having Project Management Features in the Human Resource Management System include an increase in quality and quantity, better flexibility, improved efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Exit Management:

It covers all the aspects which impact the ability of the organization to settle and reclaim the employees’ assets and liabilities. The same is done for the organization’s assets and liabilities with respect to the person who is leaving. It should be done effectively and efficiently and it will help the organization in gaining some perspective with respect to the work culture that is present. The impact that it has on the Employee Lifecycle can also be studied here.  It is provided by around 34%of the HRMS. The benefits of HRMS are an accurate settling process and increase the efficiency of the exit process.

Training Management:

Training helps to manage and produce change. By the help of training, it is possible to upgrade a person’s skill. It is also possible to gain new skills. Change can be brought about with the help of these training programs. It also helps in making an employee an invaluable asset in the organization. The number of HRMS that have this feature is a solid 60%. The benefits of having training management are it help in improving the performance of the employee, in increasing the efficiency of the employee as well as the organization’s efficiency. It also helps in equipping the employees with the right skill set and the right knowledge that they would require completing the task properly. With the help of training, it is possible to make them into well-rounded individuals.

Induction Management:

Most companies and most HRs feel that it is a waste of time looking into the critical processes involved in inducing an employee into the organization. While this process might seem tedious to the HR, it is very important to the employee. It ensures that the employee gets all the facilities and benefits that he is entitled to receive. It also ensures that the employee gets paid on time and there are no discrepancies in the process.  The induction process is very important to the employee as it helps the employee in gaining perspective about the company and understands the work culture and organizational culture at the workplace. It also helps the new employee fit into the new workspace.  This feature is present only in 10% of the HRMS. The benefits of Induction management are it provides a better understanding of the job and it shows the employees that they are valued by the employer. The system also encourages two-way communication and teamwork. This way, the time a new employee typically takes to become effective reduces significantly.

Employee Self Service Management:

With the help of ESS (Employee Self Service), features of the HRMS will be available for the employees to use. It is the central location of the company in the cyberspace. It helps the users to view and to update important personal information. Information on the organization can also be found here. It promotes the self-serve campaign and empowers employees and this is the idea that is constantly encouraged in organizations. Requests for time-off benefits review, an update of dependents, review of attendance records can also be done with the help of the software.  Around 54% of the HRMS come with the ESS feature. The major benefits of ESS include reducing the cost of the transaction, improve focus and help in the elimination of data duplication and makes data more accurate.

HRMS is basically used to improve the working of the company and makes its operational feature effective. With the help of an HRMS, HR metrics can be reviewed and several other aspects of the company regarding the turnover rate and specific numbers can also be obtained.  With the help of the system, not only is data more accurate but it is also consolidated. The HRMS helps in determining the exact operation that is costing the recruiter serious money and time. Any business owner, who cares immensely about his business, will agree how much he hates timewasters; this is why cut the features that are needed have been explained so that it would be easy to cut to the chase and find what you are looking for.

The HRs and the employees need to be properly equipped with the skill to know how to use the system. The interfaces are usually simple but they are combined with powerful features and knowledge on how to use them is crucial. An effective HRMS helps the company in becoming a market leader.

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