Find out what are digital identity services and why they are needed

digital identity services

What is digital identity?

Electronic identification is a way for businesses and consumers to prove their identity electronically. Digital identity can be used by citizens, residents and businesses to verify their identity or to confirm certain personal information. It is the right of every person who qualifies for a national identity document to have a digital identity. Digital identity can be used both online and offline, in public and private services. We have no idea what actually happens to our data every time an application or website asks us to create a new digital identity by easily logging in. That’s why we need safe digital identity services. We are talking about a technology where citizens can control what their data is used and how. Such services are offered by TrustGrid that created digital trust ecosystem dedicated for governments and private sector organizations. Thanks to digital identity services by TrustGrid governments and organizations can offer citizens the comfort of security and privacy in terms of controlling and protecting their data. Multiple identity operations, such as user consent verification, or identity attributes encryption, can be organized into simple and logical workflows. The workflows can be re-used to create multiple representations of customer identities.Visit here

In what situations can you use digital identity?

Cross-border authentication using an electronic identification system, for example to confirm a person’s identity online without the need for a password, is still rare, but is gradually increasing. However, more and more such services are available as a domestic service. Digital identity can be used in various ways. For example, for:

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– Access to public services, such as applying for a birth certificate or a medical certificate, reporting a change of address

– opening a bank account

– submitting a tax declaration

– apply for admission to higher education, in your home country or in another Member State

– store medical prescriptions that can be used anywhere in Europe

– provide proof of age

– rent a car with a digital driving license

– checking into the hotel.

What are digital identity services?

Citizens expect not only a high level of security, but also a comfortable way to communicate with national administrations, for example to file a tax return or register with a university – that is, in cases where formal identification is required.Digital identity services provide citizens with access to a variety of online services without need for private identification methods  or the unnecessary sharing of personal data. Thanks to this solution, citizens have the possibility of constant control over what data they make available and to what organization. Digital identities can be commonly used as a means of identifying users or authenticating certain personal information. This is done in order to ensure citizens’ access to public and private digital services

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