Guide to Design A Beautiful WorkStation at home on a budget

A Beautiful WorkStation

Creating that Pinterest inspired workstation at home is now possible with 7 super easy tips that will help you stick to the budget and have the perfect work vibe

Guide to Design A Beautiful WorkStation at home on a budget

The last 2 years of working from home extensively, has made us all realize how crucial it is to have a workspace at home that not just gives you that motivation and hit from within to check all the to-do tasks of the day but also works as a medium of getting the overall life more into the structure and organized manner. 

Having a separate space in your home for work will let you create boundaries and will boost your productivity as well. But, staying on a budget while you create your dream workstation can be a difficult thing. However, if you play smart and choose to go for furniture on rent rather than buying them, then your budget is not something you need to worry about.

Here’s a quick guide to designing a beautiful workstation at home on a budget

  1. Begin with a space scan 

Sometimes no matter how badly you want a workstation, if you live in a small house then having them set up in one room can make things congested. So, begin with taking a stroll in the house to visualize the perfect space for the furniture on rent that will make up for your perfect workspace at home. 

2.  Focus on the ergonomics

In order to set up a workstation, you can get started with a simple ergonomic setup that has a well-polished desk and a comfortable chair that helps you focus on your work and keep your posture in place. You can also look out for wfh table and chair on rent from BhadePay and find the one that suits you the best and doesn’t make a big dent in your pocket.

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3. Chose storage> Looks

If you have made up your mind to invest in a desk and a chair for your workstation, why not get yourself something that also solves some storage issues and helps you get more organized at home? 

4. Play around with the wall 

While it is obvious that you would pick some corner sticking to the wall to set your table, you might miss the other perks of having a wall space in your working setup. You can get yourself a whiteboard, or a soft board for you to write or pin things up/ create a vision board or even get yourself some space to stick aesthetic lights around your workstation. 

5. Remember a good view would never hurt

As important it is to have a workspace that helps you to focus, but having a view from the same setup will also help you relax from time to time. So pick a space that also has a view just a few steps away so you’re in between breaks during work can be equally reviving too.

6. Don’t underestimate the charm of sunlight

Having a workspace that has sunlight flowing in can be one of the best things you can do to enhance your work productivity. With sunlight, you will not just suffice your vitamin D intake but also won’t feel drowsy or dull throughout the day while you work. 

7. Design in a way that it inspires

Motivation and overcoming procrastination are two of the major points that come in the way while working. So creating a workspace that has some frames with quotes or some inspiration about your vision or travel goals will not just add a good vibe to the space but also help you smash your goals. 

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