How to get a credit card for free online?

How to get a credit card for free online

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Lifetime-free credit cards have completely changed our approach towards credit cards in general. Not only do they help customers save more, but they also come with several attractive welcome benefits. IDFC FIRST Bank’s Classic credit card, for example, offers great discounts at low-interest rates while also waiving joining and annual fees. You can explore more about the FIRST Classic credit card here. This article enlists four steps to help you select a lifetime free credit card in India in 2023.

1. Decide on a financial goal

Your first step is to chalk out a financial goal by enlisting its value, the period during which you wish to meet the goal, etc. Your financial goal need not necessarily be a monumental life event; it could be buying a new phone or financing the purchase of your new bike. Deciding on a financial goal gives you an idea of how much debt you must assume via a credit card.

2. Opt for a lifetime-free credit card

Choose a lifetime-free credit card to save more on your credit card bill and annual membership. Free credit cards often come with low finance charges and penalties, thus being an affordable credit card option. IDFC FIRST Bank’s Classic credit card, for example, charges no annual or joining fees from customers and comes with numerous attractive benefits for customers. Furthermore, customers can sign up for lifetime-free credit cards online; without visiting a bank branch in person.

3. Use an online calculator to plan for repayment

Thirdly, you must use an online credit card EMI calculator to know the value of your future EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments). IDFC FIRST Bank’s EMI calculator is a free online tool that helps customers accurately calculate their future monthly EMIs. An EMI calculator can help you plan for your upcoming expenses by factoring in your future EMIs. Be sure to plan for credit card repayment before even signing up for your credit card.

4. Check the rewards on offer

While applying for a credit card online, always check the rewards and loyalty benefits. IDFC FIRST Bank’s Select credit card offers a 25% discount on movie tickets up to ₹ 100 purchased on the Paytm app. It also provides complimentary roadside assistance worth ₹ 1,399 and other benefits. Look for beneficial rewards while exploring credit card utilities.

5. Repay your dues on time

Once your repayment cycle starts, you must repay your credit card dues on time. Keeping a reminder of the credit card due date helps in paying your bills on time. You can also opt for mobile banking features such as IDFC FIRST Bank’s Auto Pay which can help you automate regular payments such as utility bill payments.

Customers can effortlessly sign up for an online credit card in India today. However, one must analyse one’s ability to repay credit card dues and read about the bank’s mobile banking services online. Choosing an efficient mobile banking app like the IDFC FIRST Bank app helps you access your credit card details and pay your card bills.

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