How To Play Bingo | Bingo Maker Review

How To Play Bingo | Bingo Maker Review: Do you know about Bingo? Or do you want to play bingo? Today I bring good news for you. There is a Bingo maker website where you can create bingo cards. And manage the Bingo game using virtual caller. Let’s Learn more about the Bingo Maker web application.

Bingo Maker is a professional bingo web app that aims to eliminate physical equipment required to play a game (bingo cage with balls, organizer console equipment, bingo flashboard). Web application to make custom bingo cards, import images from the cards and play a game with the virtual bingo caller. You can also create a simulation of a game to predict the winning cards following a playlist. It takes 4 years of hard work and around 30 people to achieve this project. All you need is to print the cards and you’re good to play. You can use the web app as a teaching tool and play a bingo game with words instead of numbers. You can also play bingo with song titles and entertain during public activities.

Bingo Maker website
Bingo Maker website

About Bingo:

According to wikipedia Bingo is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. Bingo became increasingly more popular across the UK with more purpose-built bingo halls opened every year until 2005. Since 2005, Bingo Halls have seen a marked decline in revenues and the closure of many halls. The number of bingo clubs in Britain has dropped from nearly 600 in 2005 to under 400 as of January 2014. These closures are blamed on high taxes, the smoking ban, and the rise in online gambling, amongst other things.

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Features Of Bingo Maker:

  • Make and Print bingo cards in just a few clicks.
  • Organize a game with the virtual bingo caller.
  • Save and Manage projects in your profile.
  • Learn Bingo using tutorials Video.
  • Design your own Bingo Cards.
  • Play Game with Virtual Bingo caller.
  • Provides you these services at a very low cost of $0.40.

How To Play Bingo:

1. Log in and create an account with Bingo Maker:

First of all go to Bingo Maker, where you need to login or create an account. You can use Facebook or create an account by filling out the Signup page. After login, you will redirect to Bingo maker page where you have to select the settings that the kind of bingo game you would like to play. Then your the bingo cards will be created automatically.

Bongo maker login page
Bongo maker login page

Also, you will find your created bingo card in the Project section.

BIngo maker project
BIngo maker project

2. Print Your Card:

Print your created bingo cards. To print simply click on Cards and press print. You can also change the design of your bingo cards. To change the design click on Design. Here you can add some images to your bingo card and also with some advertisement images.

Print Bingo Cards
Print Bingo Cards

3. Distribute and Explain the rules to players.

now, whenever players are ready to play. Distribute the printed cards among the players. Explain the rules of the Bingo game. Also, explain to them the winning patterns to get a bingo.

Bingo maker rules
Bingo maker rules


Go to project section and click on the caller to start the game.

start bingo game
start bingo game

Now select the winning combinations for which the players will get a bingo. Click on Play whenever your all players are ready to play. Now you are in Bingo maker organizer interface where you can manage the Bingo Game. This section is also called a virtual bingo caller.

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Bingo maker organizer interface
Bingo maker organizer interface

5. Start The Game:

When you are ready to start the game, click the button “Make a draw” to draw random numbers. You can also use the automatic draw function so you don’t need to click manually every time. When a number is drawn, the organizer can say it aloud to create some form of entertainment. The players check on their cards to see if the numbers called are in the squares. If the number is on the card, the player identifies the squares with a bingo marker or a bingo chip. The players continue to mark the numbers until someone gets a winning combination.

Start the Bingo game
Start the Bingo game

6. Validate The Winning Card:

You can also validate the winning Bing card using the Bingo maker organizer interface. When a card has a winning line, it will appear under the Winners List. Click on it to open the list. To validate the cards, click the card number and then on “Validate“. Confirm the winning line on the player’s card and mark the line to avoid the player claiming the same winning combination many times over.

Note: If a player claims a winning line but it doesn’t appear in the winners’ list, it means that the player didn’t play the game correctly and the winning line is invalid.

Validate the Winning Bingo card
Validate the Winning Bingo card


The first time you use the application, you’ll get 2 credits for free in order to try it. You can play a game of 25 cards and use the bingo caller for two hours. For the following parts, if you reuse the same cards, it’ll cost you $ 0.40 to activate the bingo caller for 2 hours. For more information, consult the price list.

I hope you will enjoy this article on the Bingo Maker. Let me know your ideas on this Bingo maker in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep Visiting techwiki… 🙂



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