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Every interview is a very important and most exciting moment in the life of every able-bodied person. This will decide do you get the job you want or not. And of course, it depends not just on your answers. Every employer should look at your appearance, your behavior, your manners, habits. And this can also influence the employer’s decisions about you. But the main subject of every interview is queries and answers. Mostly questions will be asked to you, but after you have been interviewed, you can also ask something that interests you. For the employer, an interview with every potential worker is also a kind of test, since he must find out in a short time – can a person cope with the tasks of the company. Here is jobs in UAE for foreigners.

Here in the list of 10 widely asked questions on interview and better to reply to them?

  1. Tell me something about yourself;

The most popular query in general, and it can be asked at every interview for any work. Its purpose is to give you the possibility to present yourself from your point of view, to tell you about you, your goals and your life. This is not a retelling of your CV, and you must tell more than what is written there. When you reply to this question, try to talk about exactly those facts from your biography and track record that show you from the right side. You can tell how and where you received your education, how you studied, if you have already worked – you can also mention this. Long story short – you need to show yourself in the most advantageous position for the company. And be sure to find out more about the company where you are going to get a job before the interview. Also, be well prepared.

2. Where do you see yourself in a few years?

This is asked to find out your ambitions, career and life plans. The employer wants to know what you are expecting from getting a job with him, and to understand what he should count on and what to expect from you. Try to think over a wise reply to this question in advance, so as not to get confused during the interview itself and not say too much. Remember that your plans must be realistic and achievable, and also do not forget about the goals of the company itself, and try to match your purposes with the purposes of the company you are applying for. This will help you and employer to better understand what exactly you want to do at work and how you can be useful in this particular vacancy, and what can be useful personally to you. Try to show that you often think about your future, and try to plan it to the best of your ability.

3. What are your powers? / What are your fragilities?

When you are replying to these questions, try to do it honestly. The purpose of the interview is to get to know you as a person, not to find out how well you lie. Therefore, try to answer honestly and moderately frankly.

  • The first query means that the employer wants to understand your advantages, which you see in yourself. They can show the employer how you will stand out from other candidates, what you can rely on. List those strengths that will be useful in this position, and if you can, be sure to back them up with examples from life where your strengths of character helped you in solving a particular problem.
  • Requesting your opinion about your weaknesses in character, the employer wants to know how you can analyze yourself and your behavior. Also, this question will help determine what you are not very strong in, and what it is better not to rely on you. As with the other question, when replying, try not to lie or exaggerate. Do not forget that we are all people, and everyone has white and black stripes in life. Remember that the employer is not only interested in your success, but also the ability to cope with failures and get out of impasses. Show how you gained learning experience and were able to use failure for self-development. Learning from mistakes is a huge advantage.
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4. Why do you want to work in our company/organization?

In order to correctly reply to this question, before the interview, you need to get acquainted with this company, its goals, directions of development, scope of activities, achievements. In many cases, this information can be found on the company’s website or social media. There you can also find details of the history of this company and the entire path of its growth and development. Read this information, choose the most important for yourself, determine how you can be useful to this organization in achieving its goals. It is impossible to reply to such questions without careful preparation. Every manager hopes for your interest in working in his company, and what prospects await his company after you start working in it. It is for this that information must be carefully collected and processed. When replying to this question, be sure to mention how you can help the company achieve its goals.

5. What can be your first steps in a new job?

This is another one very slippery moment, and it is difficult to find the perfect reply to this question. You can say that you would like to get acquainted with the affairs of the firm in order to understand what you have to work with. Everywhere they love initiative and active people with many ideas, but nowhere do they like arrogant, and those who can do everything only in words. When you answer this question, you must adequately understand the situation and your capabilities.

6. What do you value most in a work team?

When replying, remember that the goal of every boss is to hire a worker who can be useful to the company and can help others with his knowledge, and not someone who will drink coffee, smoke and gossip with others, while doing nothing and interfering with co-workers. Tell what you want to learn from new colleagues, how you can help them in their work. Make it clear that you are able to quickly integrate into a new corporate culture. If you already have a professional background working in a team, it is worth telling what you liked there, what were their strengths, and how you interacted and helped them, or they helped you.

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7. What do you hope to get for you personally from this job?

Replying something about your finances is absolutely wrong, and your interview may end there, and you will never get a call back from this firm. Money is the result of doing your work, but in addition to money, a job should give you more experience and skills. You want to know if you are going to self-actualize, improve and improve the acquired skills. Show interest in the tasks of the company, talk about how you are going to grow professionally through a new job. And in no case do not talk about money.

8. Do you have offers from other companies?

Every manager who hires workers wants to understand how much time he has to make a decision about them, and also understands how seriously they are aiming for this particular position in this company. When replying, you should carefully make it clear that you are a sought-after specialist who is interested in this particular vacancy, but is still actively looking for work and considering various offers, but you like the job offer in this particular company most of all (if it is true).

9. Why did you leave your last job?

You must tell with the utmost respect about the experience that the previous company gave you. In no case do not criticize the past employer or colleagues. It is important to remove all emotions and leave only the answer about the content of the work and tasks. And in case you want to work in this company, you do not need to name the reason for dismissal, only the size of the salary. If the reason is money, try to understand what else is important to you in your work, and focus on that. In general, try to talk about money as little as possible, only if you are asked directly, you can talk about it.

10. What salary level would suit you?

Here, your reply can show to the person interviewing you how you evaluate yourself as a specialist. You can’t call too high a salary, as this will immediately scare off the employer, but also don’t set the bar too low, as this may indicate your incompetence. Before the interview, analyze the labor market in this area, calculate the average salary, and you can name it. But not every company will pay you exactly what you calculated or want. If you don’t know what to say at all, then say that you are ready to discuss this issue, but would like to hear first what reward the company offers. This will give the manager a chance to offer their rate.


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