Learn How to Measure Your SEO ROI

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term digital marketing strategy; given that results aren’t instantaneous, it’s important for any business to have a clear sense of how much their SEO strategy is costing them relative to how much they’re spending on it. Keeping a close eye on SEO ROIs is essential for any company to be called the best SEO company in India

While calculating your SEO ROI is a rather straightforward calculation, measuring and understanding the results is quite another matter. The best SEO company in India understands the complexity of measuring SEO ROI. With the right guidance, you can understand these caveats too. 

The Calculation

Even the absolute best SEO company in India will use the same standard formula as follows. SEO ROI is calculated by subtracting the cost of your SEO strategies from the value of the conversions you have attained; this difference is then divided by the cost of your SEO strategies to give you a clear figure of your SEO profits. 

To put it more simply:

SEO ROI=value of conversions attained-cost of SEO strategiescost of SEO strategies

This is a complex way of saying the formula involves dividing the profits you have generated from your SEO by the cost of your SEO strategies. 

While the formula is well and good, understanding these variables through the eyes of the best SEO company in India is essential.

Calculating the Cost of Your SEO Strategies

Because of the inherent nature of SEO, which involves a constant flow of organic traffic from search engines, the work that goes into optimizing your website to keep that traffic up is often ignored. The best SEO company in India accounts for the following factors in the cost of implementing their SEO strategies.

  • The cost of any SEO agencies or freelancers you employ to put your SEO strategies into action
  • The cost of industry SEO tools used for keyword research and other SEO processes; these really add up over time
  • The cost of employees you keep around to manage your SEO
  • The cost of your content distribution channels, such as promotional posts

Once the best SEO company in India narrows down a time period to perform their ROI calculation – monthly, quarterly, or yearly – they add these expenses to understand how much they’ve spent on a given brand’s SEO strategy.

Calculating the Value of Conversions Attained

While the value of your incoming traffic may seem abstract and immeasurable to you, the best SEO company in India keeps a close eye on conversion and tracks it through tools such as Google Analytics before adding them up to use in ROI calculations. 

This, too, can be a complex process. The best SEO company in India can tell you that the value of conversions attained can vary from business-to-business type. For instance, if you’re an eCommerce business making sales, this value is pretty straightforward. However, if your business involves scoring leads, this value becomes more difficult to narrow down even for the best SEO company in India. According to one study, the best ROIs in India are offered by the channel of video marketing

Thus, the very same best SEO company in India uses complex industry-standard processes to assign and interpret the value of conversions attained across various business types and brands.

The Challenges and the Caveats

As we said earlier, given the wide range of types of businesses out there, even the best SEO companies in India work with significant challenges. These are useful points to keep in mind if you choose not to work with one of the best SEO companies in India and decide to go the DIY route with your ROI calculations. 

  • It’s not always easy to measurably track conversions

The humans behind the metrics you measure through analytics software make tracking things like buyer journeys and conversions complex. Understanding and interpreting these metrics can vary wildly across businesses, depending on their model.

  • Building a brand image is as crucial to the business as SEO

While conversions track precisely where your target audience is coming from, it doesn’t account for the human element of factors like word of mouth. For instance, let’s say you see an Instagram post about a product and Google it a few days later to make a purchase. Even the best SEO company in India will chalk this up to organic traffic from a search engine; however, this will not be accurate.

  • There’s no measure of retention impact

While SEO metrics tell you who’s coming into the shop, you don’t know how long they’re staying. Even the best SEO companies in India cannot account for the retention impact of their strategies while calculating ROIs. 

  • The long haul is exceptionally long indeed

SEO is a delicate balance between art and science, and even the best SEO company in the business can attest to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to point to a specific return and say it’s the consequence of this specific investment. SEO is implemented over prolonged periods of time; consequently, the fruits of your labour often trickle in rather than make themselves known in one fell swoop.

The best SEO companies, consequently, calculate ROIs across metrics like categories or individual pages or keywords rather than arbitrary time periods. 

The Upshot

Maths is a tricky business, even at the best of times – and calculating ROIs in SEO is no different. The best SEO companies in the industry, like AdLift, bring a keen and nuanced understanding of that delicate balance of art and science in SEO in order to help you calculate your SEO ROI while also ensuring you can see exactly what it means for your SEO strategy, and by extension, your business. When it comes to complex, industry-standard metrics, having the best SEO company in India can only do you good!

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