Odds96 Fantasy Sports: Creating and Managing Your Fantasy Team

Fantasy sports is a popular form of gambling leisure activity today. The player creates his fantasy sports team from selected athletes, fights for points in daily, weekly league or quick match with other players. With good results, takes a part of the prize pool. The Odds96 online platform offers great conditions for fantasy games.

How A Fantasy Sports Team Is Set Up

To start playing fantasy sports, an Indian player just needs to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to a site that offers fantasy sports betting such as Odds96;
  2. Register, log in to your Odds96 login, make a deposit, get the welcome bonus;
  3. Select the fantasy sports section and go to one of the available disciplines;
  4. From the proposed pool of athletes, build your team by buying players of interest;
  5. Join one of the available leagues, having previously studied the number of competitions in it;
  6. Deposit the required buy-in and wait for the result of the league games.

This type of gambling activity combines betting and management. You assemble one or more squads, make substitutions, and monitor the performance of each player. Often, according to the rules of the league, the prize money can be distributed 50/50 between the places taken. For example, 50 participants have paid an equal buy-in. The last 25 places in the tournament table lose. The first 25 get a part of the prize pool, which increases as the place increases. The player on the 1st place gets the maximum part.

In addition to tournaments and leagues, fantasy sports on Odds 96 also features quick matches. In this mode, your team competes against a team assembled by another player. There are quick leagues for several players, for example, up to 10, where you can quickly reach the final (within a day, an hour).

What Types Of Fantasy Sports Are Available At Odds96 India

The list of fantasy sports on major platforms like Odds 96 is quite extensive. Here are the most popular disciplines:

  • Fantasy Football;
  • Fantasy Basketball;
  • Fantasy Rugby;
  • Fantasy Baseball;
  • Fantasy Volleyball;
  • And others.

Team sports are used, because the point of such a game is proper management. You assemble a team by selecting each player, studying his statistics, scoring potential, various parameters. In Odds96 betting there is not only a large pool of famous players, but also convenient filtering tools for selection, a lot of additional information.

Rookie Tips For Playing Fantasy Sports At Odds96 Betting

Fantasy sports is a separate area of gambling activity, where the outcome is largely influenced by your management skills. Professionals who rank high in Odds96 bet leagues can give beginners a number of valuable tips:

  • Correctly determine the value of each player on a “points per thousand” basis by getting the difference between the player’s current value in virtual currency with zeros removed and the projected points (for example, a player is worth $6,000 and his projected potential is 15 points, then 15/6=2.5, which is a high score and it is better to select another player);
  • Don’t spend too much money on star players, more often pick little known names with good predicted points totals;
  • Focus on consistent players, avoid the footy, abrupt one-off successes of individual names;
  • Avoid players who are prone to injury;
  • Have multiple team lineups so that there is the possibility of quick substitutions, game adjustments;
  • Do thorough research before purchasing each player.

These tips will help you put together a powerful team with the potential for high places in tournaments. It is also important to choose a good platform for fantasy sports. A great choice would be Odds96 India. This site has a lot of advantages.

Key Benefits Of Odds96 India

Numerous Odds96 reviews and open-source player testimonials speak of the massive pluses of this site. Here are the most important ones:

  • A robust analytics database with detailed statistics on many sports and fantasy sports;
  • The ability to watch live sporting events in excellent quality;
  • Numerous bonuses and promotions including a welcome bonus of 20,000 ₹ in sports betting and 100,000 ₹ in Odds96 casino;
  • A handy mobile app for playing from Android and iOS mobile devices;
  • Fully legal operation of the service on the territory of India, availability of Curacao licence;
  • Professional and courteous 24/7 tech support who are always available to answer your questions and give you all the instructions you need.

These and other advantages make Odds96 India one of the best services for betting on sports, casino games, fantasy games, and watching match broadcasts. Newbies will be able to understand everything quickly, thanks to the user-friendly interface and attractive design. Join and evaluate all the advantages yourself.


Fantasy sports is an interesting competitive game between real users creating their own virtual teams of players. Luck alone is not enough to win here. You need intelligence, planning, management skills and knowledge of game tactics. Register at Odds96 India and test your skills right now. Also, all new users get a bonus of up to 20,000 ₹ for sports betting and up to 100,000 ₹ for casino games. Good luck and fantastic gaming achievements!

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