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Is Online Education Right for You?


Online education is a futuristic way of learning with a cheap classroom experience. With many online colleges and programs varying from undergraduate to graduate level courses, selecting an online college and program like online nurse practitioner colleges programs can be an overwhelming task. For aspirants of online education, how to get into top universities is the first step in making the decision and then selecting the program they want to pursue.  In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of online education such that you will be able decide if online education is right for you. Listed below are the pros and cons of online education.




  • Flexibility: In online education, there is solid pattern that needs to be followed. The degree programs like online nurse degree are usually self-paced and require very little time and effort committed to finish credits or lessons. The schedules of classes and assignments are also very flexible in that the student gets to decide when they want to take up a certain class and submit their assignments in their own leisure.
  • Opportunity and Convenience: This form of education was moulded and created to fit the need of students who cannot commit to regular education due to a varied schedule. This online education provides undergraduate and graduate level programs to aspirants all across world regardless of their geographical location. All that is required to unlock online lessons are enrollment into a university or college that provides online education, a computer with an internet access and completing the assignments.
  • Cheaper Education: Online education is considerably cheaper compared to regular education. But few online programs cost the same as regular on-campus programs. The expenses apart from the tuition fees are exceptions as there aren’t boarding fees and other miscellaneous charges like commute, food, etc.
  • Early Graduation: Online education allows students to self-pace their programs which means they can take their own time with graduation or they can speed up their graduation as the lessons are available to them at any given time. Online programs usually streamline courses for easy and basic understanding. On-campus programs usually have a well-rounded curriculum but when it comes to online degree like online nurse degree the courses is degree targeted and moulded to provide knowledge about that particular field.You  can these information from Gradzz.


  • Subject limitation: When it comes to online education, few subjects cannot be taught online. Few subjects don’t translate well into the virtual classroom making it difficult for students grab the concepts, techniques and skill of the subject. For instance, physical therapy,the theory can be studied online but when it comes to hands-on experience that this field requires cannot be fulfilled online. It would be quite the challenge to pursue these such subjects online than in a regular on-campus classroom setup.
  • Personal Responsibility: With online education, there is a heightened sense of responsibility as there is no faculty to make sure your assignments and tests are being performed at a given time. Online education has a freedom which is not usually available in regular education which can be overwhelming as each individual is responsible for the gradual graph of your academic course.
  • Networking challenges: Building relationships with peers and faculty is key when it comes to building a social network which leads to various opportunities like friendship, job opportunities etc. With online education, there is no face to face interaction which is a huge part of university-level higher education.
  • Online degrees may lack reputation: Many professionals and companies do not take online degrees seriously. They are considered to be fluffy education that is modelled to provide a degree at the end of the day. This might be a problem when looking for jobs. This can be avoided by making sure the program and university is correctly accredited by an accrediting board.

If you are considering online education read up on the reviews of these online courses. Don’t be swayed by the marketing of the universities which are mostly fluff. Research the university online and speak to alumni on social networking platforms. Get an idea of how things work in a particular university. This is important as each university and college has its own way of doing things. While choosing the program and course for online education, make sure to do proper research. Usually, universities provide the curriculum on the official website or the website for online education of that university. The curriculum of online education may vary from regular education.

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