11 Best Interactive Presentations and Slideshow Making Software for Mac in 2020

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11 Best Interactive Presentations and Slideshow Making Software for Mac in 2020.The way you present your ideas is the key skill to impress your clients, investors, and a large audience you would like to engage for your business growth. Yet, it is not only concerned with your business, but you may also need to create a presentation for the training of your team, to make your kids understand a difficult scientific concept, or just for fun. 

To make impressive and interactive presentations, you need a powerful slideshow maker software for your device. In this article, we are presenting 11 best software solutions that would help you make engaging, creative, and delightful interactive presentations and slideshows on your Mac.

So, let us dive into it without any further wait! 

1. Microsoft PowerPoint:

This is among the most popular software for interactive presentations and slideshows. This is quite easy to download on Mac powered devices, and you can use it virtually anywhere. To meet the specific needs of your presentation, MS PowerPoint has user-friendly customization options for every slide. 

You can incorporate more key points in the visual presentation to make it additionally interesting and engaging. You can also print all the slides directly from MS PowerPoint and distribute the copies among the spectators.

2. Google Slides:

This presentation tool is a part of Google Drive’s office suite and helps you create marvellous presentations on your Mac. Google Slides supports different types of file formats. You can enrich your presentations with 15 animation effects. These files can be easily shared through online collaboration.

You only need to have a Google Account to access this web-based presentation software for free. You can use this tool on your Mac device with a mandatory, strong internet connection. This presentation software for Mac is relatively new and thus comes with numerous intuitive and interesting presentation features.

3. Apple Keynote:

This presentation software is a part of Apple’s iWork Productivity Suite. So, for Mac users, it is quite easy to utilize this. It is a fabulous streamlined presentation tool designed for Mac PCs and other iOS-powered devices. 

You can try ready-to-use video templates from VideoCreek in your Apple Keynote presentations. Apple Keynote comes with a user-friendly, stylish interface. You get ample customization options to enhance your creativity and share your slideshows and video presentations easily.

4. WPS Office Free:

This is a complete office suite that runs well on a variety of platforms like Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. You get Advanced Animation, Modelling, Table Formatting, Collaboration Tools, and other features like PDF conversions and so on. Thus, you can create and share fantastic presentations on Mac using this presentation software.

You can make the effective use of system-provided templates to create glorious presentations. You can insert different multimedia like images and videos into your presentations to make them more engaging and informative.

5. Prezi:

With Prezi, you can easily navigate to any part of your presentation, enter images and videos, move backgrounds, add music and colours to your presentations.

To begin with, you can get the free version of Prezi to learn it thoroughly. This is a boon for students too. You can enrich your presentations with a pleasant environment and add spice to creative ideas. 

6. Zoho Show:

Zoho Show would bring a great deal of ease in creating eye-alluring and informative presentations on your Mac. You get user-friendly embed and collaboration options to enhance the quality of your presentations and share them with others.

You can utilize video editing software from reliable online sources to create video presentations using the templates. Zoho Show swiftly collaborates with other apps. The presentation software for Mac has an impressive range of typographies and colour combinations to add glory to your presentations. 

7. Canva:

Canva is a simple to use presentation tool with superb Drag & Drop Functionality and search features. You can create and edit images swiftly, taking parts from various sources. Canva comes with a phenomenal collection of preloaded fonts to make your presentations truly attractive.

You can create slides for your presentation with a great deal of ease using the simplest and minimal features. This is an excellent presentation tool for Mac, especially for beginners.

8. Visme:

Visme is a technically appreciated presentation software for Mac. The IT Giant like IBM and Accenture use this software for creating informative presentations. You can easily create infographics, attractive visuals, and presentations using this software conveniently.

You get high-quality results with minimal efforts. You can use modern templates on Visme to make your presentations exciting. You can get fabulous branding features by streamlining the process of making impressive images.

9. Piktochart:

If you don’t possess much hands-on design experience, yet wish to create stunning presentations, Piktochart would be the best presentation software for Mac and other platforms. You can use ready-to-use slide templates made to your professional needs.

You can also embed other elements like lists, charts, reports, graphs, and much more to your presentations. It has a simple to use drag & drop functions to let you combine content from various sources to enrich your presentations.

10. SlideDog:

This is powerful presentation software for Mac that allows you to combine numerous elements in a user-friendly manner. You can bring PowerPoint Presentations, Prezi presentations, PDF Files, Movie clips and web pages together to make your presentation interesting.

You get dual screens with SlideDog. The viewers can only watch your slides; while on the other screen, you can manage to keep your notes, timer, playlist etc. So, the presentation software is designed to make your presentations truly meaningful.

11. Haiku Deck: 

Haiku Deck is splendid presentation software for Mac that allows you to keep your message on priority during the presentations. You can use images for emotional impact on the viewers. It is simple to keep your formatting clean and concise using this presentation software.

You can access thousands of relevant free-to-use images and well-designed templates made considering various industries. All you need to do is to combine your message with the right images and video templates to create the desired perfection.

The Takeaway:

The presentation and slideshow software for Mac, described briefly in this article would help you create fantastic presentations. These are widely used and most appreciated presentation software. You can choose the best from this range and give wings to your creativity to prepare and share impressive presentations. All the best for creating wonders!

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