SailPoint Cloud Governance Solution for Multi-Cloud Environments

SailPoint Cloud Governance Solution


In 2022, many companies will have a large volume of data hosted on the cloud. Data and much of the vital information related to several aspects are also hosted over the cloud. This makes the cloud a hotspot for malicious cyber hackers and attackers. These companies then need a robust cloud governance system that guards their essential details. SailPoint is an excellent cloud governance system that can aid companies in gaining more visibility, reducing risk, defining policies, and governing more effectively. 

Here in this blog, we shall see how SailPoint has deployed safe cloud governance solutions for a multi-cloud world.

What is the multi-cloud environment?

Multicloud is a strategic approach that modern-day enterprises deploy in which two or more cloud service providers or assistants work in a way such as cloud services, cloud technology, protection, or software package. Institutions can utilize a different cloud approach to set up a range of internal and external clouds (hybrid multi-cloud). However, the phrase multi-cloud is usually utilized among IT experts to define the use of cloud environments from various public cloud providers.

IT organizations meet the threat of supporting both new and existing app architectures and caseloads throughout all significant clouds, at the edge, in co-location amenities, in self-governing surroundings, and in their private information center in the multi-cloud era. Each cloud hosting, with its control clump, assistance, and toolkits, provides a distinct range of abilities that are not shared by other cloud platforms. Lack of consistency in cloud infrastructure and business models strains innovation employees, decentralizes IT services, and exposes cost and uncertainty to the surroundings.

 SailPoint Cloud Governance Solution for Multi-Cloud Environments

SailPoint Cloud Governance provides a holistic overview of all resource availability throughout your multi-cloud facilities. Real-time AI perspectives help you create quicker, more knowledgeable and fully informed decisions, identify risks involved, and conveniently impose access control policies for all customers from a single-centre console.

SailPoint has expanded its SailPoint Prescriptive Identity Platform with the cloud-based effect of interventions for the IaaS public cloud, assets, and workloads. As part of the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, two additional cloud governance solutions, SailPoint Cloud Access Management and SailPoint Workload Privilege Managerial staff will be accessible.

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As per SailPoint, businesses can now stretch identification governance across the public cloud and assets for customers, both frequent and advantaged users, as well as non-human consumers whose connectivity is standard in these surroundings.

Like other SailPoint Predictive Identity services, these cloud-based management solutions use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to optimize, predict, and simplify identity policy making decisions.

Cloud Access Management allows businesses to obtain greater visibility within which consumers, mortal and non-human, have full rights to multi-cloud IaaS surroundings, utilizing real-time monitoring to automatically detect and manage high-risk access and ensuring least privilege where necessary by implementing defined guardrails.

SailPoint Workload Privilege Management, on the other hand, adaptively helps protect special access to cloud-based workloads.

For safety and audit reasons, this includes the ability to automate the formation and precession of qualifications, access codes, and passcodes, as well as record keeping and logging activity anytime advantaged actions are done.

Without adequate governance over connectivity to these systems and work overload, businesses lack access to who and what has access to classified apps and information in the cloud, which brings new risk areas throughout the institution, according to SailPoint.

Three Best Practices of SailPoint for Multi-Cloud Environment

Complete overview of access and visibility in the cloud environment

Disclosure of who is getting to what across a multi-cloud climate requires two things:

  • A total image of client access by tying individual cloud admittance to oversaw characters.
  • A far-reaching comprehension of the hidden information access models across the different cloud stages to ultimately see all entrance ways among clients and items.

It’s not only an issue of finding who and what is out there in any cloud stage utilized; you need to have the option to see the connections between them. High-level computerization advancements today are empowering extensive permeability across the whole multi-cloud climate.

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Routing a Control Federated Approach to cloud maintenance

A best practice prescribed by cloud merchants is to use existing endeavor registry designs to provide combined client admittance to the cloud. The objective is to stay away from the migraine of physically keeping up with the lifecycle of a different personality for cloud clients when they, as of now, have a record in your endeavor arrangement of paper, like Active Directory. The absence of permeability across a multi-cloud climate dramatically raises the degree of trouble in accomplishing this objective. You never have a total image of what endeavor catalog bunches are planned to what cloud jobs and the entrance those cloud jobs give. Without that start-to-finish permeability, you can’t oversee cloud access.

 Gripping governance across a multi-cloud environment

Computerization is essential to the outcome of administering access across multi-cloud conditions. Supplanting manual cycles in overseeing character decreases the dangers of human mistakes. Mechanization of cloud administration additionally works on the efficiency of those answerable for doling out and regulating nature and access in the cloud.

It begins with robotizing the making of strategies and “guardrails” that oversee personality in a multi-cloud climate. Numerous methods and guardrails for agreeing with the most widely recognized administrative necessities are made accessible out of the crate. Checking the authorization of these approaches and rules should be consistent in robust multi-cloud conditions, with the capacity to rapidly create cautions when infringement ought to be recognized.


SailPoint provides innumerable solutions for easy cloud governance. A thorough Sailpoint Training can come in handy to solve many challenges that enterprises routinely face with cloud governance. To learn more about SailPoint, write to us or join our Sailpoint Training

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