Saudi Arabia has undergone significant transformation over the past decade, both economically and socially

Saudi Arabia has undergone significant transformation over the past decade, both economically and socially. For example, since 2015, local women have gained the right to participate in municipal elections, and since 2018, women are allowed to drive a car on their own. Opportunities for professional employment were also significantly expanded. Saudi Arabia’s labor legislation is designed to provide maximum employment for the country’s citizens, especially youth. Foreigners can also break into the labor market of this Arab state. Many cities accept foreigners for employment and provide them with housing and transporting. Almost every vacancy you may find suggests you good, comfortable conditions and stable wages.

The undisputed benefits of employment in Saudi Arabia include no income tax, reasonable prices, health care and other social benefits. Compared to other countries in the region, local workers have high salaries. If we consider specific professions in Saudi Arabia, then on average of waitress receives about $ 600, , a guide up to $ 1200, a builder up to $ 3000, and IT specialist up to $ 4000, oil workers up to $ 5500.

In which cities can you find a good income? Today we will look at Yanbu.

Except seawater desalination plant, trading port, and naval base it has other places looking for workers. Yanbu expatriates jobs submits you over twenty jobs. Among them there are: plumber, driver, labor, welding technician, warehouse man and besides, the proposals are not singular.

Before choosing the vacancy you need, look at the entire site well, read each description of the job you need, learn how to properly contact the employer or company (the minimum you need for this is your phone number, e-mail and of course your name)

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Good experience is also a good guarantee of success in looking for a job in Yanbu, but do not rush to be upset because not everyone requires it to be obvious, and if he is needed, then only one or two years.

Of course, it is almost impossible without knowledge of the language, you need a minimum of a basic level of knowledge of English, the ability to read and write. By staying already in the workplace, you can improve your skills and by this you will probably know the local language, which will advance your career path. No panic here, there is a plus too, not everywhere you need knowledge, but you still have to learn English and possibly local in the course of work and life, but it’s much easier when there are native speakers nearby!

What about wages? Basically, you will receive your salary under the contract, namely once a month or once every two weeks – it all depends on your rate. Welder earns about 1,600 AED per month, plumber about 1,200-1,500 AED, warehouse man about 590 dollars.

Being in a foreign society you can achieve more. By working in Saudi Arabia you can go from a driver to a boss and from an employee to an employer. It all depends on you.

Let’s make your dreams come true! Expatriates and ordinary workers can keep up with the indigenous people if they make every effort and find a job in the Yanbu.


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