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The most popular sports in India

India is one of the most developed countries in Asia and the world regarding sports. Sports here is not just a leisure activity but part of the culture that unites millions. Cricket undoubtedly holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, but other sports, such as kabaddi, football, tennis, chess, horse racing, and badminton, are also deservedly popular. If you want to start betting, the Pin-Up bet app download is an excellent opportunity of winning. And this reliable bookmaker with good odds allows its bettors to win significantly.

We will focus on the three most popular sports in India.


The sport has quickly become the most popular sport in India. From small streets to international stadiums, cricket inspires youngsters and adults alike. The Indian cricket team symbolizes national pride, and the players are true national heroes. Cricket’s accessibility brings it even closer to the people: just a couple of bats and a ball can turn any area into a field of play. Cricket is played at both amateur and professional levels.

India has an excellent cricketing infrastructure. Children and adults can train in training centres and turn professional. No wonder the Indian national team is one of the strongest in the sport.


This sport originated in ancient India. In modern kabaddi, a match lasts 40 minutes (two halves of 20) and involves two teams of 12 players, seven of whom are on the court at the start of the game. The athletes compete on a court measuring 13 by 10 metres. The game aims to score more points than the opponents. You need to send a Raider to the other half of the court to score points. The player’s task is to cross the overlapping line; if he fails, he is eliminated from the court.

The raider must touch as many opponents as possible and then return to the middle before being tackled.

In 2014, the first full-fledged championship with kabaddi was created. 435 million viewers watched the debut season, and the number has grown exceptionally every year since.

It should be noted that the World Kabaddi Championship has been held five times, with the Indian team winning on all occasions.


The sport is the most popular globally but not in India. The popularity is also affected because the national team and local clubs are not performing well. However, even though Indian athletes don’t stand out worldwide, some are doing well in Asia.

The Indian Super League was established in 2013, and five seasons later, the tournament was recognised as the country’s top national football league. Football in India, though slow, is growing.

Indians also love to watch international European competitions, especially the English Premier League, the European Champions League, and the Asian Champions League. And no one will be surprised to see a statue of a big-name footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo in India. In the APL, Indians actively follow Manchester United – it is the most popular team from England for local football lovers.

India is a nation that loves sports, and it is no surprise that the level of local competition continues to rise.

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