These apps should be on your phone today

We spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone or iPhone, but we do not always fully use the potential of an expensive mobile device. Today, many applications will turn your phone into your first assistant.

Applications that need to be installed on your phone right away

When buying a new mobile device, almost everyone immediately installs instant messengers, and favorite games, and loads social networking pages. Some applications are not used so often, but you cannot do without them. When setting up your phone, do not forget about such important utilities as:

  • File manager. Any smartphone has a built-in file manager, but most often these programs are quite simple and are only suitable for opening already downloaded files. It is better to find an improved utility with a built-in archiver.
  • Office, PDF reader. Such a program is simply necessary for those who work with documents and students.
  • Video player. This program is available on any mobile device. But, for convenience, it is better to find more functional software that supports any format.
  • Navigator or cartographer. Thanks to this application, you will never get lost, because you can find the way from one point to another even without an Internet connection.
  • Dictionary or translator. Such applications have the function of translation through the camera and work even without the Internet.

Perhaps all these applications are not used every day, but there are situations when they are simply necessary. You will make your life much easier if you download these programs in advance.

TOP 5 phone applications that will definitely come in handy

We have compiled a small list of interesting applications that will interest both those who have just purchased a new phone and those who want to expand the list of useful tools themselves. Here are the TOP of the best programs that must be on the mobile of every modern person.

Pin up casino

Anyone who has an iOS or Android phone can download and install the Pin Up app. The program is simply necessary for all fans of excitement, as it allows you to enter the casino at any time, without being tied to a place and a desktop computer. The game collection and functionality of the application are not inferior to the desktop version of the casino. This is a great opportunity not only to brighten up your leisure time but also to earn excitement.

DJing Maker

This is an essential content for the phone of every music lover. With this little program, you can blow up any dance floor. A functional and convenient application will turn any music into a real DJ hit.

Mastersoft Chess

A unique application for phones and tablets on iOS and Android. When traveling, on the road, at home, and at work, you will never be bored if you have chess on your phone. Do not like to waste time on arcades, puzzles, and simulators? Then chess, this game is not a waste of time.


An application that can be easily installed on iOS and Android devices. A small program will become your alcohol consultant. To find out all the details about any of the alcoholic drinks, just enter its name in the Distiller app.

SAS Survival Guide

This is the most complete encyclopedia on a smartphone or iPhone. An authoritative publication will help out in all situations and find answers to any questions. The main condition is a charged device and knowledge of English since the encyclopedia has not been translated into other languages.

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