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Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Gamers (Updated)

List OF Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Gamer's

Here is the top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s. Gaming gadgets and devices has built a vast market and influenced the world of electronics. The manufacturing units of these devices are increasing year by year because of its huge demand. Manufactures are trying to add something latest and innovative, that is the reason of enormous growth of gaming gadget’s market.

Here I have make a worthy list of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for 2017. Firstly, let’s differentiate between a regular keyboard and a gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard is designed especially for gaming purpose loaded with additional features. Some gaming keyboard has built in LCD to display the game statistics and also monitors system performance.

Users can re-program all or some of the keys using the programmable keys of these gaming keyboards. The re-programming of keys allows users to trigger sequence using single button press. These keyboards have game mode feature that functions to lock the Window keys and can’t be pressed to return to the desktop.

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List OF Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Gamer's


Intense gaming atmosphere build easily in little dark place and here backlight proved necessary. Users can easily see the keys in low light conditions because of the backlight. These gaming keyboards have multimedia control keys that allow users to manage volume levels let them to control mp3 during the game. This feature is very amazing because users can control volume levels without switching back to the desktop. Lastly I will recommend a best gaming keyboard instead of regular ones. These keyboards are perfect for gaming and it can be used for normal tasks as well. You can choose a keyboard regarding your personal preference but for gaming purpose mechanical keyboards are good.

List of top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard For Pro Gamers:

HAVIT Rainbow

This gaming keyboard provides multiple backlight switching options. Users can switch among high light, breath mode, medium light and turn off using the keys Fn+Esc. Users can also disable many keys during game including multimedia keys, WIN keys and WASD keys. HAVIT Rainbow keyboard provides four backlight color options including purple, blue, red and pink. Included mouse is also amazing with the 2400dpi resolution and having 6 function buttons. The best part of this keyboard is its design and texture that is sufficient in making the perfect atmosphere for gaming. Only a gamer will understand how necessary is the atmosphere and this keyboard is built to enhance the performance of the user. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.



Corsair Raptor will be proved very useful in building your PC gaming performance. Built with 6 programmable G-keys users can access favorite macros, key combinations and pre-sets instantly. The G-keys help users to immerse themselves in their gaming experience. Easy and amazing customizable feature allow you to customize it with your need and taste. Choosing you favorite backlight color and storing your settings in the keyboards memory will be fun. You can access multimedia without switching to the desktop using the extra keys available for multimedia. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.



As usual this gaming keyboard has also amazing backlight customizing feature so you can set the backlights according your mood. The best part of the customizing feature is that you can set the brightness of the backlights from the keyboard itself. Additionally there are several keys for ease of gaming including macro keys, shortcut keys, multimedia keys, poll rate and repeat rate adjustment keys. Thermaltake Keyboard is built with anti ghosting feature, optical sensors and Omron switches.



Venom Warrior gaming keyboard is built to perform brilliantly. This gaming keyboard has ergonomic design with the extreme durable switches functions at a lightning speed with immediate response. Venom Warrior is built to provide matchless accuracy and responsiveness. This keyboard is a water resistant product and its durability is tested in intense conditions. Metallic faceplate and ergonomic layout helps in building a gaming atmosphere. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.


Asus Cerberus 

Gaming gadgets are used continuously with strong movements, thus the gadgets must be strong enough. Asus Cerberus is built for gaming with durable, rugged design and molded with full metal plate. This durable design is necessary for the continuous and intense gaming. This keyboard is built with integrated drain hole that ensures effective cleanup if water splashes over it accidently. Asus Cerberus has 12 macro keys that help users to send customized commands using a single keystroke. Asus Cerberus is equipped with rubberized feet that enhance friction from strong movements during gaming.


ROCCAT Skeltr 

ROCCAT Skeltr gaming keyboard is built with amazing concept. You can place your smartphone at this keyboard and access your smartphone without interrupting your game. Your smartphone will be toggled with the PC because of the amazing feature of this keyboard. You can answer call by call button from the keyboard and also manage your favorite tracks using this keyboard, all you can do these things during game with no more interruption. ROCCAT Skeltr is designed amazingly with extra durable material that makes your keyboard safe during strong movements during the game. Incredible backlight helps users to play games in low light conditions and the rubber grip create enough friction to keep it at the place during the strong movements and hitting. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.



Cherry MX is also a gaming keyboard for the gamers. This gaming keyboard is equipped with many amazing features necessary for gaming keyboard including macro keys, anti ghosting and many more. This keyboard is designed brilliantly to perform in dual modes. Users can easily switch to game mode and PC mode that will make the gaming and tasking easier. The height of the keyboard can be adjusted with your comfort and equipped with mechanical plug and play.


Logitech Wireless Best Gaming Keyboard

Here I have listed a wireless gaming keyboard which is a reliable device for gaming as well as it don’t needs wire to connect with your gaming PC. The battery playtime of this keyboard is unbelievable. The battery last up-to 3 years and the battery life of the mouse is eighteen months. Logitech gaming keyboard has excellent range of wireless connectivity. Loaded with quality wireless receiver you can work and play comfortably without any interference and drop. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.


AFX Firefight

AFX Firefight provides you an edge over your challengers. This black and orange keyboard featured with three different colors of backlight that will surely help in scoring better late night. Built with the ergonomic design this gaming keyboard is perfect for playing and also ensures fast access because of the concave key surface. AFX Firefight keyboard is equipped with twelve programming keys. It has also 4 joystick movement keys bringing everything you need in one place.


ASUS Strix 

Lastly here is Asus Strix, a reliable stuff for gaming and also can be used as a working keyboard. Equipped with several programming keys, lets you play without any fuss. The programming keys make playing easy and avail many features on the keyboard instead of desktop. You can manage the mp3 through keyboard and the backlight helps in building the gaming atmosphere.



You will find many latest consoles in the market for playing, but for immense and continuous playing, Gaming PCs are best. Thus you will need a reliable gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards are very different form regular keyboards as I have stated above but it can be easily used as a regular keyboard for working. I hopThese keyboards are made of durable material and last long, made for immense gaming and strong movements. You will encounter amazing experience after using these keyboards. This list of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Gamer’s will surely help in you in picking a reliable, durable and latest gaming keyboard for yourself. Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for Pro Gamer’s.

I hope you like this list of Best Gaming Keyboard. Let me know which gaming keyboard you use while paying games and any other best gaming keyboard in comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives. Keep Visiting Techwiki.. 🙂 

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