Top 20 Legendary Indian Cricketers of All Time

Legendary Indian Cricketers

While hockey is India’s major sporting activity, cricket is still the people’s favorite. There’s no gender bias, as both men and women follow the sport religiously. The buzz around cricket is so great that despite the hike in data prices, Indian fans are not backing down as live cricket streaming sites are still garnering tons of traffic. As a certified cricket-loving country, it is no surprise India has churned out some of the greatest cricketers in the scene.
This article will be paying tribute, and at the same time stating the very best Indian sport cricketers to grace the field. Most of these players are retired pacesetters who advanced the game. Let’s go! Top 20 legendary Indian Cricketers of All Time

These are the top 20 legendary Indian cricketers in India in no particular order:

20. H. Singh

Singh is a skilled cricketer currently playing as a bowler for Punjab State. In the ODI series held in 2001, Singh staked his claim as a great spinner by taking 32 wickets.

Khan is a bowler with Mumbai and a successful international with India. His record in test match cricket is the second best, bettered only by Kapi Dev. Early in his career, he began to make fame for his unusual ease at swinging either way. He was an important player when the Indian team won the 2011 WC. And, as expected for a top cricketer, he won notable trophies and awards during his tremendous career.

18. K. Srikkanth

Srikkanth was famous and cherished for his aggressive and powerful batting. He is mostly praised as the major pioneer for batters that adopted the opening style. He was a good scorer and it’s no surprise that he was the best at India’s first World Cup in 1983.

17. M. Amarnath

Amarnath wrote his name in the Cricket book of fame as a typical front runner for India’s campaign to their very 1st WC in. To this day, he is regarded as a top batsman in India.

16. J. Srinath

Srinath built his legacy by being one very fast batsman. He is an Indian who is the only person to have over three hundred (300) wickets in ODI. He gathered 44 wickets in four different WC editions including 1992, ’96, ’99, and 2003 editions.

15. M. Azharuddin

Now a politician, Azharuddin was a well-established batsman during his cricket years and has a legacy for a fluid style of play. He is dubbed the cricketer with the very best springing wrist.

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14. V. Laxman

Laxman is known for his exploits as a batsman that bats with his right hand. His fondest memory in the hearts of the citizens of India was his performance against Australia. He won 4 out of his 6 ODI and 17 test hundreds against the Cricket Australia national team.

13. A. Kumble

Kumble was one of those that made a name for themselves during their playing days. He was a captain. While Kumble was not the greatest turner in his playing days, his advantage was fast playing and accurate hitting.

12. G. Gambhir

Born on 14 October 1981, Gambhir was Delhi’s main player and he also captained the country for 6 ODIs. He was an integral player in the 2011 CWC that India won. Everyone sees him as India’s very best opener.

11. S. Raina

Raina is active, and there is no doubt that online cricket betting punters make a fortune wagering on him. S.Raina played with Uttar Pradesh and is the only man on earth with a century in all Cricket three formats. He is the record holder for most catches in the IPL.

10. Y. Singh

Active and dominating the Indian cricket scene, very few players currently better Singhs’ records as a cricket player. In the CWC 2011, he was named as the best among all players. He is famously remembered for hitting 6 out of 1 bowled by Stuart Board. Only three players have reached such a prestigious feat in senior cricket.

9. Virat Kohli

Fast and energetic, Virat is arguably IPLs’ face of the modern era. And, there is very little challenge to that claim. Being the fastest century Indian batsman, he has continuously shown he is the very best. He won the 2012 ODI best player award.

8. V Sehwag

Sehwag is among the very best batsmen cricket has ever seen. He won the Wisden honor for lead cricketer after his show in 2008. He retained the trophy the following year, making him the very first to do so. Sehwag is one player many online cricket betting punters would want to put their money on.

7. M. Dhoni

M. Dhoni is still very much active, and has an excellent record in the game. He captained India several times and helped them win the WC 2011 and other titles. He is the very 1st captain to claim all the 3 trophies in ICC.

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6. S. Ganguly

Ganguly scores the top 10 list for his exploits during his playing days. He is the 5th highest scorer and only the 3rd cricketer to meet the 10,000 run landmark.

5. R. Dravid

David is among the greatest batsmen. He is very good and many people in India see him as the top 2 in cricket and the reason is not rocket science as he has so many records that he accumulated in his playing days.

4. S. Gavaskar

Born in July 1949, Gavaskar is a great player and even seen as one of the country’s golden-age players. He was the owner of the highly coveted 34 Test Centuries record for almost 200 years before Sachin Tendulkar matched it. Nevertheless, he was one of the best cricketers India ever produced.

3. V. Hazare

Hazare spent his life giving numerous cricket lovers joy when playing. He was so impressive and cool headed that he was rightly appointed captain of his cricket team. As the winner of a zonal tournament, he has a trophy known as the Vijay Hazare Trophy.

2. Kapil Dev

Kapil was part of those that joined in contributing to the 1983 CWC. Dev is considered as one of the best all-rounders of all time. K.Dev was a major player for Haryana Cricket and is nicknamed “The Hurricane’’ following his dominance while playing for the team.

1. S. Tendulkar

Tendulkar has pretty much every record that every cricket enthusiast dreams about. Famously referred to as the god of cricket, he is energetic, strong with so many batsman trophies and awards. He even holds the record as the only cricketer to complete over 30,000 runs and score 100 international centuries. His trophies and awards include the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award.

The names outlined in this article are arguably the Legendary Indian Cricketers and the very best players who ever wore a jersey in the sport’s history as far as Indians are concerned. These retired and active players brought joy to every Indian, including live cricket streaming sites who made a fortune airing their games. They are well ranked among the world’s best cricketers, and there is no doubt that their legacy will continue for many years to come.

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