Top 5 gambling misconceptions

1. Gambling is an income source

Many people believe that consistently playing gambling games and winning can turn this activity into a reliable source of money. Gambling cannot become a reliable income source because it always involves an element of unpredictability and risk. Of course, some people can experience short-term wins, but the nature of gambling is heavily based on chance and luck. Relying solely on gambling can in fact turn into financial instability over longer periods of time.

What is more, the absence of a guaranteed income source can make it impossible to meet essential living expenses and save for the future. It’s a good idea to view gambling as only a form of entertainment and not a means of generating money, and to always gamble responsibly. 

2. There are hot and cold Streaks

Hot and cold streaks refer to the belief that their recent wins or losses in a series of bets or games are not random but follow a pattern. A “hot streak” is a period where a player experiences a series of wins, leading them to believe they are in a lucky phase where success is more likely to come. On the other hand a “cold streak” is a period marked by consecutive losses, making gamblers feel as if they are in an unlucky phase. 

These beliefs are fueled by the human tendency to look for patterns and make sense of randomness. Gamblers may believe they are in hot and cold streaks because they hope to predict the outcome of the next bet based on past results, despite the fact that each gambling game is statistically independent. Winning 10 times in a row does not guarantee that you will win the next time, and the same applies for losses.

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This bias is commonly known as “the gambler’s fallacy” and it contributes to these misconceptions, as people assume that past outcomes influence future outcomes, even when the odds remain the same. These can also be risky, because they can lead to irrational betting and gambling behaviours. 

3. The casino always wins

This belief is another misconception, because it oversimplifies the dynamics of gambling. It is true that casinos are designed to have a statistical advantage in most games, but it doesn’t mean that players can’t win or have successful gambling sessions. Many gamblers experience wins and losses, and casino games are designed to keep players excited and entertained, which involves unpredictability.

The house edge, which gives the casino its advantage, is a long-term statistical average, and it doesn’t guarantee that every player will lose. Some players do walk away with large amounts of money. As stated above, each gambling game is influenced by chance, and while the odds may favour the casino in the long run, it’s entirely possible for players to “win big”. 

4. Chasing losses

“Chasing losses” is a behaviour where a player, after experiencing a series of losses, increases their bets in an attempt to recover the money they’ve lost. This is a misconception because it’s based on the flawed belief that losses will eventually be offset by a big win if the player continues to bet more. The reasoning behind this behaviour often stems from a desire to recoup the perceived losses quickly and regain a sense of control. It can be driven by emotions like frustration or desperation. 

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As is the case with the “hot and cold streaks”, this misconception is based on the belief that gambling results can be predicted. After a long series of losses, success is due to come, right? Not quite. It is a risky strategy because it can lead to even greater financial losses and there is no guarantee that increasing the sums you bet will lead to a win. 

Chasing losses is generally considered a harmful gambling practice and can contribute to problem gambling and financial problems. Responsible gambling encourages setting a clear budget and sticking to it, regardless of whether you are winning or losing.

5. “Beginner’s luck” 

“Beginner’s luck” is a common belief in the gambling world and it stems from the idea that inexperienced players are more likely to win due to their lack of knowledge or understanding of the game. On the contrary, being familiarised with the rules and intricacies of a particular game is often associated with higher chances of success, but, again, in gambling there are no guarantees. Beginners may occasionally come across short-term success, but it is due to chance rather than their lack of expertise. Over time, the laws of probability come into play, making the concept of beginner’s luck a misleading idea.


All things considered, regardless of whether players believe in hot streaks, cold streaks, beginner’s luck and so on, the truth is that the key for a sustainable and enjoyable gambling experience is setting a budget and gambling responsibly. Go to Betwinner official and start your betting journey without misconceptions! 


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