Top Messengers For PC in 2019

On the smartphones, there are a lot of messaging apps which allow the users to stay in touch with their friends on various platforms. However, not many know that there are a lot of apps which are available for PC as well. Most of the Instant Messaging apps available for you are multi-protocol platforms which means that they support a lot of instant messengers for smartphones.

There are a lot of free Instant Messaging apps available for you, doesn’t matter which Operating System you are running on your PC. However, the question arises which one is the best Messenger for PC and which one should be your go-to app. To answer this, we have made a list of apps which are the best Messengers for PC. All these apps are good for communicating with your friends and you will love to use these apps on your PC. Just scroll down to know more about the apps.

#1 Kik Messenger

The first and foremost is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, Kik Messenger, which is available for free on multiple platforms. If your friends are using Kik Messenger as their top messaging app, then you have nothing to worry about because you can communicate with your friends through Kik for PC easily. With Kik, your conversations with your friends become more exciting because of the tons of features which Kik offers to the users. Kik respects your privacy and you can also remain anonymous while you are chatting. Overall, it is a great addition as a Messenger for PC.

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#2 Digsby

Another top Instant Messaging app for PC is Digsby app which works on the windows OS and also helps you to put your social networks at one place with one single interface. Digsby also allows you to merge various friends’ network accounts into a single account. This is one of the best features that comes with the Digsby app. Other features of the app include data sync, pop up notifications, chatting with your friends, conversation history, ability to send SMS, etc. Digsby app also supports various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

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#3 Pidgin

Another free Instant Messaging app for PC is Pidgin app which works well on multiple Operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It has a simple interface and is powerful. Pidgin is an open source desktop client which has a well designed interface and helps you navigate easily. Pidgin supports multiple platforms for messaging such as Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, AIM, etc. It has various features such as group chats, emojis, and various other basic features that you need. One of the most unique features of the app is that it has a third-party plug in interface with which you can easily plug in to any other instant messaging platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, etc.

#4 Trillian

Another great Messenger for PC is the Trillian app which is regarded as one of the best Instant Messaging apps by the users. It comes with loads of features which attracts the users instantly. Trillian has a unique and an attractive interface which makes it easier for the users to use the app. The best feature of the app is that it has a distinctive game chat which means that users can talk to people while they are playing a game on a full screen. Other features of the app include emojis, group chats, built-in spell checker, multiple tabs for conversation, etc. It works extremely well with multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.

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#5 Instant Bird

Last but not the least, Instant Bird is a top app which works extremely well as a Messenger for PC. It comes with a user-friendly interface which is easily understood. The app is flexible to use and you can design the interface of the app according to your wish. There are other features of the app as well which are spell checker, dictionary, chat encryption, etc.


These are the top 5 Messengers for PC which work extremely well for your use. With the help of these apps, you can communicate with your friends easily and at any time you want. All the apps mentioned above are some of the best and most popular apps for instant messaging that you will come across.

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