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Trends You Can’t Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Plan

Trends Can't Ignore Digital Marketing

You can tell how popular digital marketing has become as per a report in Smart Insights states that 49% of businesses employ digital marketing. The number will only rise from here. It’s no surprise with technology seeping into every walk of life. It was just a matter of time before businesses decided to jump the bandwagon. That’s why you can no longer ignore trends that impact digital marketing. In this highly competitive, do whatever it takes to stay ahead. Here’s Trends You Can’t Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Plan:

  1. Artificial Intelligence. You may have seen this term immensely. It is essentially human intelligence fed to a machine to perform tasks to drive positive outcomes. AI has become a part of every company. Even you may have AI with you right now. 

Your smart assistant that could either be Siri or Google Assistant is all AI.  

AI has made it easier to collect consumer data and translate it into reliable numerical data that you can quantify and generate reports from. You can’t ignore programs that automate your work. Therefore, the faster your company gets used to having a machine perform bulk work, the better. Moreover, your digital marketing plan must include incorporating AI to perform tasks such as:

  • Communication 
  • Product Recommendations
  • Content Creation 
  • Email Personalization

Think of AI as your assistant. Not only is it helping you do work, but it is also making room for you to engage with a broader audience in the same time frame.

2. Video Marketing. Videos have revolutionized the way we carry marketing trends. Not only are they interesting they are the best way to communicate your product to your customer. Video marketing includes features such as video marketing and live broadcasts on Instagram or Facebook. 

A lot of companies are using videos to reach clients instead of emails. You can email links to your clients instead. It is also much friendlier for devices like mobile phones too. Since it is becoming a part of SEO basics, there are high chances that using videos may drive organic traffic in your direction. Videos can also be in any format. You can create a video for one platform and utilize it on other platforms. 

3. Visual Search. It takes user experience out of the ballpark. Users are always looking for innovation, such as Pinterest, which has introduced a lens option that allows people to take or upload pictures instead of typing into the search bar. Your consumers can find anything they want, including books, business cards, and buildings, depending on what services your consumers are looking for. 

4. Content Marketing. You can never go wrong with content creation. The SEO and algorithm attest to this fact. Content is a mixture of words, visuals, and audio. Users prefer content that has variety over one type of content. Even if you enjoy putting out videos, work on different aspects of your content. 

You can always make structured content by ensuring you spend time doing keyword research and adding just the right amount of keywords throughout the content. However, you should keep in mind that you can easily overdo it if you’re not careful about using keywords. The SEO doesn’t react favorably to spam content. 

Your content also brings a sense of familiarity to your consumers. They’ll trust your website more when they can see and learn more about you. 

5. Use A/B Testing. Your marketing plan should also include constant testing. A/B split-testing involves putting different versions of your websites for your users to see. It could be anything, such as a separate webpage structure to more images. The idea behind this test is to observe which method funnels more clicks and gets you the turnover rate you’re looking for. It also informs you what kind of content you need for your users. You also learn how it’s the most effective way to understand SEO and get the insight you need for your online presence. 

6. Programmatic Advertisements. It is another marketing tactic where you use AI. You use artificial intelligence to buy ads so that you can easily find your target audience. Automation is much faster and practical than you doing it yourself. You also get a higher conversion rate, and this method costs you far less than if you had gone for paid advertisements that you would have to keep up with. Programmatic advertisements use hundreds of keywords and personalize ad content much faster so that each minute goes on reaching users. 

7. Influencers. We are inherently social creatures. We have a deep sense of trust towards people we know of even if we haven’t met them personally. That is how celebrities and influencers work by giving us glimpses of their lives and establishing a connection with them. It is why you should approach them when it comes to publicizing your product or your website. However, AI has also found a spot for itself within the influencer market. AI has made it easier to find the right influencers with actual followers and not fake followers, which happen through bots. As a result, you generate a positive return on investment (ROI). 

8. Web Security. While you may be working on a fantastic marketing strategy, you need to make sure your website is secure and safe. The last thing you want is your data getting stolen and your marketing plan going to waste. 

When users visit your website, they need to know it’s secure. Websites that don’t have an SSL certificate have higher bounce rates. Their URL is corruptible, and the website can get taken down at any time. Users want to know their data is safe and the information they’re sharing is secure and encrypted with no third-party interference.

Wrap Up

Your marketing plan is lucrative for your business. Technology has brought a new set of changes in the world of marketing. Start by working with artificial intelligence to streamline much of your services. Make videos instead of isolated content, but it would be helpful to spend money on your content. Add visual search to your website so your customers can do more than just type and search. 

Don’t forget to regularly test out your new content to see where you stand. Let AI also take care of your advertisements through automation. Consider working with influencers and, finally, top it up with lucrative security.

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