What are the most demanded careers today?

What demanded careers today

Every year, the list of the most demanded jobs is updated keeping in mind the requirement and vacancies in companies (public and private) all over the world. Job portals paint a clear picture of all the jobs that are hot in demand every year with their vast, deep data. As the year 2020 comes to an end, researchers flock the internet posting results from the surveys and studies they conduct regarding various things. This list is a similar one, consolidated from different sources, and related to something that most of us can easily and strongly relate to: careers and professions. If you are a student, a professional or just someone who is interested in research and trends, then read this article till the end to know what are the most demanded careers today.

1. Cybersecurity:

Be it ethical hacking or network defense, cybersecurity is becoming a highly demanded career in today’s day. With the global increase in cybersecurity spending and cyber attacks, employers across the world, no matter which industry they belong to, are actively hiring cybersecurity professionals like Certified Ethical Hacker, and CHFI experts in large numbers. Defense, space and IT industries are among the top recruiters of this profession.

2. Data science:

There is no doubt that data has become the next mega thing in the 21st century. Data science has, thus, increased in demand as well as popularity among all industries globally. IT companies are one of the top recruiters of data scientists hiring data statisticians and data engineers on a large scale. Get trained from industry experts and land in your dream job with Data Science Training in Bangalore.

3. DevOps engineer:

When it comes to job roles like ethical hacking or penetration testing, where the work includes performing an authorised attack on an organisation to find and fix vulnerabilities, employers look for a certain level of creativity in their CEH professionals. Coming up with new ways to hack into an organisation requires creative skills that are necessary in this job.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has changed the way machines work and has been a breakthrough field of innovation in the information age. This discipline has become one of the top emerging jobs that has penetrated almost every industry on the face of the planet. Even though it is a new skill, we can see professionals learning it enthusiastically seeing the heavy demand and handsome pay worldwide.

5. Cloud engineering:

With a growth rate of 27%, cloud engineering has become one of the topmost career options in the IT job market. Cloud computing, like the internet, keeps expanding and innovating every single day and requires a large army of individuals to work for it. Amazon Web Services is one of the major skills required for this job. It can be said that choosing a career in cloud engineering will pay you well in the foreseeable future.

6. Robotics engineer:

Robotics is one of the leading career fields of 2020 with an insane growth curve. Industrial automation is one of the top industries that hire robotic engineers in a large number and will continue to do so in the coming years. As robotics is a branch of artificial intelligence, it will continue its momentum and attract many students all over the world in the coming years.

Closing thoughts:

At the end, it can be concluded that career prospects have undergone an insane transformation as compared to the last decade and we can expect this change to continue the same way or in a more dynamic way in the years to come. There is a serious shift happening in the employment front currently where students are more interested in ethical hacking training and cloud computing than conventional training subjects chosen by our parents and seniors a few years ago.

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