Which PMP Training course should I choose?

PMP training

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the gold standard for project management specialists. This qualification can help your career and open new job opportunities, better salaries, and promotions. But before taking the PMP exam, you must complete 35 hours of professional project management training. This raises a significant question: Which PMP training should you pick?

This blog will examine a few popular PMP training courses, highlighting their advantages and helping you make an informed decision. I’m going to start with the popular Simplilearn course.

  • Simplilearn PMP Certification Training

Simplilearn offers an integrated approach to PMP certification by combining live training and self-paced modules.


  • Interactive Learning: The Simplilearn PMP training certification course is exceptional because it blends live instructor-led training with independent learning modules. Owing to this combination, students can learn challenging project management ideas at their convenience while still getting the chance to consult with seasoned professionals.
  • Exam preparation: The course offers several comprehensive practice exams. This gives you self-assurance and prepares you for the PMP certification exam’s format.
  • Industry Projects: To give students a hands-on learning experience, Simplilearn incorporates projects that are relevant to the industry. These assignments will let you put what you’ve learned into practice and cover a variety of subjects.
  • Post-course Assistance: Simplilearn continues to offer students assistance and support around the clock. This ensures that any remaining questions are quickly answered before the PMP certification exam.


Simplilearn is a great option for seeking thorough, engaging, and individualized PMP certification training. Their assortment of instructional approaches accommodates various learning types and guarantees full PMP certification preparation. Check out this Youtube video to discover more: 

  • PMP Training

Other project management courses are highlighted in the immersive live online seminars that PMTraining offers in addition to the PMP.


  • Live Online Classes: Live online lessons are offered by PMTraining, allowing students to interact virtually in a classroom environment.
  • Wide Range of Courses: Besides providing courses for PMP training, they also provide CAPM, PMI-ACP, and other pertinent certifications.
  • Extensive Practice Questions: They offer extensive practice questions crucial for getting used to the PMP certification exam.


For individuals who enjoy a classroom-like setting and a large variety of course options, PMTraining is the ideal platform. They have a broader focus on project management than just PMP certification.

  • Master of Project Academy

This self-paced online learning platform focuses on independent learning and offers a remarkable first-time pass record for the PMP certification.


  • Self-Paced Learning: Students can learn independently in this online learning environment.
  • Lifetime Access: After purchasing a course, you can access its materials.
  • First-Time Pass Rate: Their exceptional passing percentage, which was 99.6% on the first try, is a testament to the quality of their PMP certification program.
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This course is excellent for students who enjoy unstructured, self-paced learning. Due to their impressive pass rate, they are a reliable choice for applicants pursuing a PMP online certification.

  • Project Management Institute (PMI)

Because the PMI is the official body behind the PMP certification, it provides training that ideally matches certification requirements.


  • Official Body: PMI is the official body for PMP certification, which offers courses that exactly correspond to the requirements for certification.  
  • PMI Membership Benefits: Members receive access to various tools, templates, webinars, and other resources.
  • PMBOK Guide: Members receive a free digital copy of the PMBOK Guide, a necessary resource for the PMP course.


The PMI course is unmatched for its straightforward and professional approach to PMP certification training. Their up-to-date resources ensure that you follow the most recent project management guidelines.

Prince2 training offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on the PRINCE2 methodology, a globally recognized framework for proficient project management. Covering crucial elements such as principles, themes, processes, and tailoring techniques, this training equips participants with the skills to structure projects, manage risks, ensure quality, and maintain control. Similarly, PMP certification provides a broader spectrum of project management expertise, emphasizing leadership and strategic thinking. While Prince2 training concentrates on structured methods, PMP covers diverse methodologies. Both Prince2 training and PMP certification enhance project management capabilities, catering to professionals seeking success in project leadership across industries.

  • GreyCampus

With the help of in-depth reading materials and engaging workshops, GreyCampus strongly emphasizes instructor-led lectures.


  • Instructor-led Training: Live instructor-led training sessions are offered by GreyCampus, allowing for one-on-one interaction with competent teachers.
  • Extensive Study Materials: The course includes in-depth study guides and other tools to help you understand complex PMP concepts.  
  • Interesting Workshops: Besides regular classes, they also organize workshops to reinforce learning through hands-on activities.


If you value one-on-one interaction with teachers and seminars that promote active learning, GreyCampus is a wonderful choice.

  • Udemy

Various PMP courses prepared by business professionals are available on Udemy, a website famous for its diverse offerings.


  • Diverse Course Selection: Udemy provides a selection of PMP courses taught by various instructors to accommodate various learning preferences.  
  • Cost-effective Options: Reasonably priced Options include Udemy courses that frequently have deals and discounts.  
  • Practical Knowledge: Teachers frequently share their personal experiences, providing useful knowledge outside of the confines of the classroom.
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Udemy offers a large selection of PMP courses taught by diverse experts for learners on a tight budget. These courses will give you a unique viewpoint on project management.

  • LinkedIn Learning

This platform has courses selected by subject-matter specialists and is linked to the LinkedIn professional network.


  • Integration with LinkedIn: For a seamless experience, courses from LinkedIn Learning will instantly display on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Expert Teachers: The courses are taught by specialists from the industry, ensuring that the knowledge is up-to-date and reliable.
  • Developing Skills: Besides helping you earn your PMP certification, their courses can help you gain various career-relevant abilities.


LinkedIn Learning is something to consider if you’re a user seeking a comprehensive learning experience and upgrading your skill set.

  • EduHubSpot

EduHubSpot ensures that each learner gets the most out of their PMP preparation with customized learning paths.


  • Customized Learning Routes: EduHubSpot offers learning routes created just for you, depending on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interactive Assessments: Regular quizzes and assessments keep you interested and help you keep track of your progress.
  • Progress Monitoring: The platform helps you identify areas that need more attention and provides complete insights on your educational route.


EduHubSpot is the ideal choice if you want frequent exams to ensure that you fully comprehend PMP concepts.

Factors to consider when choosing a PMP training course

  • Learning Style: Whether they are interactive, self-paced, or classroom-based, pick courses that suit your learning preferences.
  • Course Content: Ensure the course content is updated and adheres to the PMP online certification syllabus.
  • Budget: The cost of different courses varies greatly. Choose the one that provides value while staying within your budget.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Look at the ratings and comments left by former students. Their insights could help determine how well the course works.
  • Pass Rate: A course’s ability to effectively prepare students for the PMP training can be measured by its high pass rates. Less than 70% of those enrolling in Project Management Professional certification programs pass the PMP exam.

End note

Considering all available options, each with unique benefits and features, is necessary while selecting the best PMP certification course. Whether you choose Simplilearn or any other options, be sure the course meets your learning preferences, schedule, and career objectives.

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