Who Is Interested in Reality TV Scandals? 

 If you have not been living under a rock, you must know of the illicit affairs between Rachel Leviss and Tom Sandoval, the great ‘Scandoval’! 

Thanks to this expose, the TV ratings of Vanderpump Rules have significantly shot up, with its latest aired 10th season getting the highest rank! Though Sandoval, post this ordeal has been praying to one and all stating how he was ‘lost in the abyss’ and that there was no light – one cannot deny that this juicy piece of info did more good than harm (after all the ratings were an all-time high!) Coming to talk of that, it seems as if the sensational pieces of news are what matters, triumphing morals and needs such as – self-respect and the need for privacy. 

That does make one question – who or which group of people are interested in reality TV scandals? Also, where does that ‘sense of interest’ develop from? Is there any going back from here? This comprehensive post will discuss the same. 

How appealing are Reality TV scandals? 

The word ‘very’ would be an understatement. People love the sensational pieces of gossip, the tantalizing details of someone’s chaos that unfold on their screens. 

In fact, in recent times, according to CyberGhost data, the gossip that the noted singer Ariana Grande had cheated on her husband Dalton Gomez with Broadway’s Ethan Slater gained more views than the rising global oil prices! 

What’s more surprising is – there has emerged a relatable factor in these stories. Every time, you see a celeb making some ‘mistake’ or not ‘towing the line’ you can relate with them at a mortal level. Quite satisfying. These reality TV scandals have left behind the ‘box’ and have become part of dinner table discussions, with people taking to social media to note down broad commentaries on the same – ethical and otherwise. The allure of these remains unparalleled. 

As much as you may understand the appeal of this TV series, you may wish to know the reasons why these have gained such popularity. After all, which is ‘that’ category of people who have made it as ‘big’ as it is today! Let us help you understand that – 

Why have they gained such mass popularity? 

They have garnered popularity since they provide a juicy ‘respite’ from the mundane life. Also, the sense of ‘false attachment’ that people develop for their ‘worshipped divas’ contributes to this surge in popularity. 

  • These reality TV shows hit the ‘psychology’ of individuals watching them. Subtly but intensely these stories ‘planted’ or ‘otherwise’ evoke a rollercoaster of emotions amidst the viewers, bringing them in sync. 
  • The next thing that has kept people hooked to these reality TV shows versus news websites is the – platform offering commentary on multiple aspects of life. When it comes to TV news debates, only the ‘elite’ or ‘people from that domain’ are invited over to ‘discuss specific issues.’ Reality TV expands the gamut. Everyone can discuss everything – anywhere. Hence, the general people are interested. 
  • There is also another prominent theory that goes – it is the people who are involved are the ones publicizing it to gain traction. After all, in the glamour world, what people see – sells! 
  • Lastly, comes the concept of Schadenfreude – the fun one derives from witnessing another person’s misfortunes. Studies say that it makes them feel better about their own lives when they see misfortune in another’s life! 

Well, as ‘common’ as people may be, or ‘whatever mentality’ they might have, the demographics clearly state that the charm of reality TV scandals is here to stay and for long! 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read this piece well, you do have a fair idea now – as to how and why reality television and its juicy scandals have gained popularity in such a short time. Hence, on a parting note, we can simply state that as much as you may love sensational news, not every time – the ‘truth is before one’s eyes.’ Hence, choose well! 

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