6 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC (Working)

best xbox one emulator for pc

Do you know you can play Xbox games on PC also? You can play by downloading an Xbox One Emulator for PC. Xbox one is a gaming console offered by Microsoft inc. Xbox has become very popular among the online multiplayer gaming console. Xbox one has a large community and a wide variety of games to play online. You can download an emulator and play Xbox games on Emulator easily. If you don’t know about it I am going to share methods to play on PC.  First of all, I am going to share 6 Best Emulators for windows.

To use the Xbox one after buying the main console people has to subscribe for an Xbox gold plan which is very expensive.

But what if you can play all Xbox game for free on your PC?

Isn’t it cool? To play Xbox games you need some software which simulates an environment like Xbox on your computer. This software is called emulators and there are a number of emulators available for PC. Each emulator has a different option and advantages. Below we have listed the best Xbox one emulators for PC. You can also read more articles like Best Evite Alternatives and Games like Minecraft For Android.

best xbox one emulator for pc

List of Best Xbox One Emulator for PC

Below are the Best Xbox One Emulator for windows. I will later share Emulators for MAC in another post. Use any one of the Emulator to play Xbox games. You didn’t need any Xbox console for it. Although I suggest you to please have a high Congfig PC for playing to avoid lags.

1. HackiNations

Hacking Nation’s emulator is well-known emulator to play Xbox game on PC. It can run the Xbox one games as well as previous generations Xbox consoles. Unlike any other emulator available it gives you a lag free gaming experience without causing any disturbance to the audio produced by the games. Using the HackingNation emulator is also easy. You first need to download this emulator like other software to the computer. After installing the software you will need the game which you want to play. You can play insert either cd drive or any pan drive containing the game file(aka game ROM). The most popular way to get a game Rom is downloading it online via some torrent sites.

2. Bluestacks

Blustacks emulator for PC

If you are a game lover or if you have ever read about emulators then definitely you had come across the name of Bluestacks. Bluestack is a popular emulator company which creates PC emulator software which can run other operating system application. Bluestacks android emulator for PC is also a big hit. Bluestacks also has an Xbox emulator for PC which gets the work done easily and conveniently. The best part about bluestack is that it also supports the wireless gaming console of Xbox one/360.

3. CxBx Emulator

cxbx emulator for pc

This is another great Xbox one emulator. It is the latest and regularly updated emulator. Cxbx reloaded emulator needs minimum windows 7 and a 64-bit architecture CPU to work properly. It has LLE-GPU support which can run most of the Xbox games effectively. It renders the graphics better than other emulators. You will need to install Visual C++ 2007 to use this emulator. The emulator only has a 64-bit version if you have 32-bit version then same can work on 32 bit OS.

4. DxBx Emulator

dxbx emulator

DxBx is a high-level Xbox one emulator which is written in Delphi language. This emulator has its own kernel, controllers and Graphics processors. It is also able to produce the original game sounds like the Xbox One. It can run a few games of Xbox one gaming consoles. Dxbx is now an open source project and other developers are also using its source codes to make new Dxbx emulators as its original developer had stopped its development.

5. Xeon Emulator

xeon emulator

I love Xeon Emulator because it saves all the progress you made in the games to start later where you left the game. Xeon OS can be used on windows as well as on Disk Operating System (DOS). It is capable of playing almost every game which is made for the original Xbox console. Xeon emulator can render the HD graphics for the PC and it also produces the best sound of games plus you can use any USB gaming consoles or earphones with this emulator. Developers of this emulator have stopped working on this but still, it works fine and serves the purpose for which it is made.

6. Xenia Emulator

xenia Emulator

Xenia is another Xbox 360 emulator for PC. This is the best and free emulator available online. Xenia supports more than 80 titles of Xbox emulator. But it has some issues than other emulators. You may feel lags while playing games. Although developers are working hard to improve the performance of the emulator. Always try to download and use the latest version of this Xenia Emulator.


Now you have the best Emulators for PC. These are the working emulators. If you found any emulator dead let me know in the comment box. Techwiki team will update this list after every few months with working emulators. So, I suggest you bookmark this URL for future purposes.

I hope you will enjoy this article on “Best Xbox one emulator for PC”. Let me know which one you use to play on PC in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting techwiki… 🙂

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