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Here’s How You Can Watch OnePlus Nord Launch Event in AR

OnePlus Nord is an upcoming smartphone from Oneplus. But the company has special plans to launch this smartphone. Because of the pandemic, the on-stage launch is not possible. But, surprisingly, Oneplus has devices to launch its new OnePlus Nord smartphone in AR.

So, you are excited about OnePlus Nord, and want to watch the launch event on your smartphone in AR, keep reading. Because you’ve to follow some process before you watch the launch process in AR.

OnePlus Nord Event Happing in AR

OnePlus is known for its flagship smartphone launch that happens every year. They provide flagship features at a budget price point. That’s how OnePlus has become popular in the market. So, after they announce their next flagship, OnePlus Nord, the fans were very excited.

They have recently announced that the launch event is happening on July 21. So, the fans are very excited to see what Oneplus Nord is going to get. However, because of the COVID pandemic, the company may not be able to do stage launch event. Still, they have the right plan to do the launch.

Because you can watch the launch event of OnePlus Nord on your smartphone in AR mode. And to watch the event, you have to download their special AR app on your smartphone. You can follow the steps below to watch the live launch event of OnePlus Nord.

How to Watch OnePlus Nord Event in AR?

  1. To watch the live launch event of the smartphone, download the OnePlus AR app for Android and for iOS.
  2. Now, you have to create an Avatar on the OnePlus Nord AR app. Just create the avatar and proceed.
  3. Now, it’ll ask you to scan a flat surface with your camera. This is the part where the apps select the surface of  AR. You can scan any flat surface you want, but tabletop will be the best.
  4. After selecting the surface, you’ll notice the AR on the surface. It’ll be a glimpse of OnePlus Nord with the launch event countdown.
  5. You can open the app at the time of the launch and watch the launch event in AR.

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It’s no doubt that OnePlus has introduced a completely new way to launch its smartphone. Now, we have to see how the launch event goes and how the fan reacts to the launch event.

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