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What is Microsoft MS-101 Exam and How Can It Help with Your Career Advancement?

Microsoft MS-101 Exam

Microsoft offers plenty of certifications and exams that can help tremendously in boosting one’s career. These exams, depending on the field of choice, lead you to become a better and certified professional in the selected area. One such exam is the MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security evaluation that leads to obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Microsoft MS-500 Enterprise Administrator Expert certification.

In this article, you will discover, why you need to take this exam and how it can help you grow in your professional life.

Brief Overview of the MS-100 and MS-101 Exams

The MS-101 exam along with MS-100 make you a certified enterprise administrator expert in Microsoft 365. Microsoft MD-101 is centered on mobility and security in Microsoft 365, while MS-100 on identity and services. Each exam will contain from 40 to 60 questions of various types, which you are to complete within 140 minutes. In addition, each exam is priced at $165. After passing these tests, you become a highly expertized Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin expert in assessing, planning, migrating, and operating Microsoft 365 services.

Since the article is more dedicated to the MS-101 exam, it will measure the following skills you need to demonstrate.

Skills Required for MS-101 Exam

Exam MS-101 checks your competence in dealing with security, compliance, supporting, and identities technologies. Before taking it, you should be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads, be experienced in the administration of SharePoint, Windows 10 deployment, Exchange, and Teams, have knowledge of IT fundamentals, server administration, networking. To add more, candidates for this Exam-Labs should be capable of applying modern device services, Microsoft 365 threat and security management, along with governance and compliance.

So, what are the reasons to opt for this test?

Powerful Advantages of Taking MS-101

So, here are some of the benefits you may experience after passing this exam.

  • Acknowledgment

When you clear the MS-101 certification exam, you will join a select group of Microsoft 365 experts. You would also be appreciated as a technical expert with the necessary skills to enhance, implement, and remediate Microsoft 365 innovations.

  • Upgrade Your Existing Skills

Passing the MS-101 exam will increase your confidence in your Microsoft 365 managerial abilities. Also, while preparing for the Microsoft MS-200, you will focus on areas that you lacked before. Hence, your overall skills and competencies related to the Microsoft 365 administration in an enterprise will be upgraded.

  • Career Advancement

A new level of your skills means a new level in your career. After passing the MS-101 exam certified candidates should expect a career boost and an increase in their current pay. According to the Ziprecruiter website, Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Experts earn as high as $149,000 per year. 

  • Respect From Colleagues

After the completion of the Microsoft 98-364 exam and acquiring new skills, you become a valuable asset for the company you are working in. Being equipped with the relevant skills, you are able to complete tasks quickly and effectively. In addition, you become a person your colleagues can consult with, ask for a piece of advice, and will look up to you.

Summing Up

The preceding discussions have demonstrated that passing the Microsoft MS-101 certification exam has numerous advantages. You will gain the Microsoft 365 Certified Microsoft AZ-900: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification, and enjoy the benefits it brings. Thus, take the exam, become an experienced professional with updated skills, and build a prosperous career as an enterprise admin expert.

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