4 Reasons Why Engineers make the Best Entrepreneurs!

Why engineers make the best entrepreneurs! –  Entrepreneurship has been one of the most talked topics and longed-for career paths in recent years after it has been glamorized by young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.” –Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder

On one hand where engineering and entrepreneurship seem like quite different paths without much in common, but if you look at it closely, you may find that they share many of the same skills. Naming a few famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Michael Bloomberg; they all started their career as an engineer.

Job Seekers to Job Creators – Engineer as Entrepreneur

why engineers make the best entrepreneurs!

The 4 Reasons Why Engineers make the best Entrepreneurs are :


Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to solve difficult problems and cross around complex situations when they arise, a must have quality for any competent engineer. Both engineers and entrepreneurs take on stupendous risk in their work. To succeed you need dedication, commitment, efforts and above all these constant patience. If someone is running a startup there are a little structure and lots of complexity that is needed to be faced daily. You need to very wise and willing to assess risk and challenge and revolve when needed.

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Both engineers and entrepreneur constantly focus on their weaknesses and strengths in order to realize what could go wrong or how can they do better. No way can your business can grow or any project you are working on can give great results if you don’t acknowledge the fact that you have strengths and weaknesses and know that you can always get help from a bunch of right people out there genuinely willing to help. You need a team as an engineer and an entrepreneur to help you move forward towards a common goal.

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Communication is how people connect, isn’t it? The ability and interest to convey one’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, even hopes, clearly is a valuable skill. It is the foundation of forming relationships and bonds that can last. Its quite a challenging task for an idea to be conveyed is not only coherent but also suave & urbane fashion. With the knowledge acquired, Engineers often tend to be quite humble and are quite open to gaining and extending knowledge.

This yearning brings in the factor of growth and evolution which contributes well towards the maturation of the organization as well.


The course of engineering itself teaches an engineer to be optimistic and persistent. This brings in the factor of being tenacious in the face of adversity. The most powerful personality traits to develop in one’s quest for success are optimism and persistence. Optimism is defined as “the belief that good things will happen to you and that negative events are temporary setbacks to be overcome.

If we are truly realistic, we also have to be optimistic. 🙂 Maybe it doesn’t seem so, but let’s look into it more closely. By realistic, I take it you mean taking into account the negativity of the world. The key to persistence is a) really wanting something and then b) really reveling in the pleasure of the end-result via fantasy before you have actually attained it.

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