Best app for recording phone calls to download now

app for recording phone calls

Recording phone calls have become very popular nowadays. People need this feature for lots of different purposes. The students make a recording of the instructions given by their teachers over phone calls. On the other side, professional people record their phone call at all of the conference meetings so that they do not miss anything in your future. In some cases, when you are arguing with someone over the phone, you can also record those phone calls as evidence. If you are going somewhere and wholly lost, you may ask someone about the exact direction over the phone. At that time, recording what that person is instructing you would be a lot more helpful for you to remember. This is how recording phone calls have gained popularity throughout the world. Therefore, having an app for recording phone calls is very important for everyone.

The modern world of smartphones has changed everything. People try to find everything by using mobile apps. That is why the number of different kinds of mobile applications is continuously increasing day after day. Therefore finding an app for recording phone calls is not a challenging task for you. There are hundreds of call recording apps in the play store and the app store. Here are some of the best call recording apps for you based on some unique features and public reviews.

App for recording phone calls – Rev Call Recorder

Rec Call Recorder is one of the famous and popular calls recording apps for iPhone. You can download it for free of cost from the Apple app store. Most importantly, you will not find any hidden fees or in-app ads, and you will be able to record both incoming and outgoing calls for unlimited times until your phone storage becomes full. This app has an additional feature offered by the company. Rev Call Recorder can easily capture both outgoing and incoming calls. The app allows you to transcribe the conversation to fulfill your needs. But that is a chargeable service.

The app transcribes the calls at a 1.25 dollar per minute rate. They are not forcing you to activate this feature. But if you want to transcribe all your calls, you can avail of this paid service from the company. The documented calls will be sent to you through email or Dropbox.

app for recording phone calls

TapeACall Pro

Another finest app for recording phone calls is TapeACall Pro. It is also an iPhone-compatible mobile application. You can download this app from the Apple store for free. But keep in mind that this app is not free at all. Once you register yourself, the app will offer you a free trial period of 7 days. Within that time also you will not be able to use the full feature app. You need to buy a pro or premium version for that to use it completely. But the recording clarity and output types are significantly better than other apps. Once your phone call is completed, TapeACall will take a few minutes to process your recordings and deliver them to you in MP3 format. You can download the recordings to your local phone storage. And you can also send those recordings via email aur WhatsApp, or other social media platforms.

App for recording phone calls by NoNotes

The company NoNotes has also launched its call recording app in the application world. The app is named Call Recording by NoNotes. This app allows you to record phone calls for up to 20 minutes every month for free of cost. It is not entirely free of charge. The monthly rental for enjoying the complete service of the application is $10. Also, you can download the mobile app from the Apple app store for free of cost. This app also offers you call transcription. But the cost of transcription depends upon the length of the recording. So this particular app has different kinds of features but not free of charge. You need to spend some money every month to enjoy the full-featured application.

Call Recording by NoNotes is not available globally. If you are from the United States of America or North America, then you can use this app for recording phone calls.

app for recording phone calls

CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite has all the main features similar to Aadhar call recording. The additional feature you will get is to save the recording to your device storage and upload it to the cloud. There are two versions available in the app. One is the free version, where you cannot record your phone calls for more than. And the other version is the upgraded and pro version, where there will be no limitations for you. To boost this app for recording phone calls from free to Pro, you need to pay a one-time charge of 8.99 dollars. Once your app is upgraded to the pro version, you will record unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and store them in the cloud.


So these are the four most popular apps for call recording available in the country. All these apps are available for iPhones in the Apple app store. There are some factors that you need to consider before downloading any call recording app. Always remember that phone calls are private information. In this cybercrime world, it is highly possible that someone steals your recording and pulls out some personal data from it. You must always check whether the app you are going to download is protected and verified by the Apple app store or not. To identify the authentic apps, you can go through the previous reviews from the users.

app for recording phone calls

Some other apps are good enough to serve you and record your phone calls with clarity, and others. You can search on the internet to find out the best one among them. Always remember to download the app directly from the app stores. Downloading from third-party websites may cause severe damage to your phone due to virus attacks. So are you looking for the best app for recording phone calls? Then do not waste your time and download the best one within the market.

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