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Here’s every Insight you want to Know Regarding Esports


What is Esports?

In recent years, the number of people that play video games has been rapidly increasing. In particular, youths have become a large group that plays video games. This is because playing video games causes no harm to the body compared to other sports, and it is being used as entertainment. Among these young people who enjoy playing video games, some have grown up to become professional gamers playing the game online. The result of this is Esports.

What does Esports refer to?

Esports refers to a “sport” where professional gamers play a video game. In a general sense, Esports can be divided into two types: offline and online tournaments. Among them, the former, offline tournaments are more popular in South Korea because the number of players is smaller compared to online games. Professional gamers who advance from these offline tournaments go on to play online games.

For offline tournaments, the country has the most players in South Korea, and for this reason, there are also more professional gamers in South Korea than in other countries. There used only to be a few active Esports players, but now it is more popular than baseball and soccer because of its active development as a sport.

Esports refers to competitions held between players who play video games professionally. This competition requires a high level of technical skill, and it has gained attention because not only does it require mental focus but also physical fitness. Among the different types of Esports, the most popular one is ‘Starcraft.’ Every year, Starcraft players compete against one another in WCS, which is an annual competition called the World Championship Series. WCS started as an international tournament back in 2010, and last years final was hosted at Blizzcon, a game convention held by Blizzard. The 2013 WCS Season 3 Final attracted at least a hundred thousand spectators worldwide, and this is a record number audience for Esports. In recent years, professional gamers have been receiving offers from large corporations to become endorsers of their products. Among those superstars, Lim Yo-Hwan (popularly known as “SlayerS_BoxeR”) is famous as the best Starcraft player in history.

Why does the camera focus on Esports characters only?

If you are to watch an Esports game, you will see the camera only focusing on the player’s characters. This is because professional gamers playing Esports can drastically change the outcome of the game by themselves with their extraordinary techniques even though they are fighting against each other. However, there are many types of video games that can be played as an escort. Some of the most popular ones are Starcraft, League of Legends (LOL), and Counter-Strike. Because Esports is entertainment for professional gamers in video games, it brings excitement to many people in South Korea.

Esports has recently become a hot topic among young people who enjoy playing video games compared to “professional gaming,” which was a term for playing video games professionally and did not receive much attention. Esports is a new sport created because of modern technology, and it has attracted many people’s interests.

A competition was held between professional players of Esports such as “Starcraft.”

Esports are competitions between pro gamers playing video games professionally. They require high technical skills and are popular for being entertaining sports activities that don’t have any harm to the body, unlike other sports. The most popular Esports is Starcraft, and every year, the World Championship Series (WCS) is held to find who would be the champion of Starcraft. Last year’s WCS Season 3 Final was held at Blizzcon, which attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide, and this was a record number audience for an Esports event. In addition, professional gamers have been receiving offers from large corporations to become endorsers of their products. Among the superstars, Lim Yo-Hwan (popularly known as “SlayerS_BoxeR”) is famous as the best Starcraft player in history.

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